iRex Back From the Dead, Lost E, Now IRX


Back in early June, iRex Technologies applied for suspension of payments in large part because of disappointing sales in the US. Every media source proclaimed iRex dead and gone, saying they’d gone bankrupt.

Well, that wasn’t exactly accurate, as iRex has found a new undisclosed company to partner up with, bringing iRex Technologies back in the form of IRX Innovations.

According to WebWereld, iRex’s 24 employees (that’s it! no wonder their marketing was horrible and they didn’t answer email inquiries) will join the new company, including former CEO Hans Brons, whom is one of 3 partners that heads the new company.

Apparently, the new company will focus on the high-end business market instead of the low-cost consumer market, and will license their ereaders to different companies. In fact, iRex has been selling their ereaders under different brand names for some time. An example is the Solid FX8, a different version of the iRex DR-800 that is used by Jeppesen for terminal charts, and costs nearly 2 grand.

Best of luck to IRX, as their ereaders, such as the iRex DR-800, are good quality; they just need better marketing and sales and support for their products, and hopefully the new company can deliver on that.

Found via: Mobileread

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