Kindle News: Asus, Android, Target, Firmware

kindle asus

Some Kindle news to report, Amazon has partnered with Asus to bring the Kindle for PC application pre-installed on the following models of netbooks and notebooks, with more coming soon, of course.

Asus Eee PC: 1005PE-MU27- BK, 1005PE-MU27-BU, 1005PE-MU27-WT, 1005PE-MU27-PI.

Asus UL Series: UL30A-X5K, UL30VT-X1K.

Asus is one of the major brands for laptops. Having Kindle software pre-installed is sure to reach a wide audience. Couple that with the fact that Asus is expected to release their own ebook reader, the Asus DR-900, at any time now. It makes you wonder if it will be integrated with the Kindle store and software as well.

In other Kindle news, Amazon announced the pending release of the Kindle for Android application. Here’s a sneak peak.

Kindle for Android

Also, there are several reports that the Kindle in select Target stores experiment has worked out well enough to bring the Kindle to all Target stores on June 6th. No confirmation from Amazon yet, but it looks promising.

And last but not least, Kindle owners are starting to report receiving the new 2.5 firmware updates. Some new features include: collections for improved organization of ebooks and documents, social networking for sharing on Facebook and Twitter, and PDF pan and zoom.

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