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Kindle iOS Image Highlight

Kindle iOS App Adds Option to Turn Quotes into Images for Sharing

Last week Amazon updated the Kindle app for iPads and iPhones to version 6.26. The new update brings some changes to the homescreen and they also added a new feature that lets you turn your highlighted quotes into images for sharing. Here’s more from the “What’s New” description: Turn your favorite quote into an image, […]

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Send to Kindle Android

How to Transfer eBooks and Documents to Kindles from Tablets and Phones

When it comes to sideloading ebooks and documents to a Kindle from a tablet or a phone, you can’t easily transfer content by connecting a USB cable like when using a desktop computer or laptop. It’s just as easy to transfer ebooks and documents to a Kindle from a tablet or a phone, but it […]

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Moon Reader

Moon+ Reader Pro App On Sale for 50% off

The Moon+ Reader Pro app is one of the most popular ebook reader apps for Android devices and it’s currently on sale for the month of August. The regular price of Moon+ Reader Pro is $5 from Google Play, but it’s currently 50% off for the 9th anniversary of the app. It supports a wide […]

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eBook App

Best Alternative iOS Reading Apps to Apple Books

Ever since Apple updated the iBooks app with the release of iOS 12, a lot of people have been voicing their complete and utter dislike of the new app, which is now called “Books” instead of iBooks. The main purpose of the update was clearly to try and sell people more ebooks—and Apple didn’t make […]

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ReLaunchX is a Handy Tool for Android E Ink eReaders

If you have an Android ebook reader that’s open to installing apps, one useful app worth checking out is ReLaunchX. It’s a free open-source app designed specifically for E Ink devices. It can be used as a file manager and as an alternate homescreen when you set it to work with the home button. It […]

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Kindle Arabic eBooks

Kindles and Kindle Apps Now Support Arabic Language Books

Amazon officially announced today that Kindles and Kindle apps now support Arabic language books. People often ask if Kindles support Arabic, and not being a person that reads Arabic I’m always unsure of the answer, but now Arabic language books are officially supported so that question is answered. Amazon also unveiled an Arabic section in […]

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Apple iPad

Kindle iOS App Update Adds New Features

This past week Amazon issued an update for the Kindle reading app on iPad and iPhone. Amazon frequently updates their iOS app to add new features. Last month they added continuous scrolling and support for split view for multitasking on the iPad. This new update, version 6.6, adds the option to easily return Kindle books […]

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B&N Releases New App for Book Recommendations and Discussions

Barnes and Noble has released a new app called Browsery that is designed to give people a platform to discuss books and give/get recommendations. It’s similar to Goodreads in some ways, but that’s owned by Amazon so B&N has created this new option for their customer base and for those that don’t want to use […]

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