Aluratek Libre eBook Reader for $99

aluratek libre

The LCD-based Aluratek ereader is selling for $99 from in both black and white. It’s the lowest price so far that I’ve seen. The Libre usually hovers between $120 and $150.

Unlike some similar units, the Libre works with Adobe Digital Editions for DRM-encrypted EPUB and PDF ebooks, which are the most widely used formats by independent ebook retailers and libraries. You can read more about the device’s specs on the more ereaders page.

(Tip found via MobileRead.)

One Response to “Aluratek Libre eBook Reader for $99”

  1. I got this a couple of days ago, and the product is buggy as heck, I upgraded it to the newest firmware, and its lazy and so slow. It takes about 110 secs (I timed it!) to get a book.

    If it wasn’t a birthday gift, this would be send back to the factory. But alas it was a gift. (New from the box and everything)

    Any recommendation? by the way, its says about a patch. anyone knows something about it?