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Libre Air

Libre Air eBook Reader with WiFi Now Available

It looks like Aluratek has quietly released their new Libre Air eBook Reader. It was first revealed back in January at CES and was supposed to hit shelves in February. Since then it’s been all crickets from Aluratek. But now the Libre Air has suddenly made an appearance on Aluratek’s website. It is selling for […]

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Aluratek Libre Color

Aluratek Libre Color eReader Review and Video Review

Here’s the link to the Aluratek Libre Color review. A big thanks to Christopher Carvalho for writing the review and for shooting a detailed video walkthrough. The Libre Color is a relatively new ereader from Aluratek. It first started selling a couple months ago in very narrow markets and is just now starting to become […]

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Libre Color

Aluratek Libre Color 7″ Multimedia eReader (AEBK07FS)

At CES 2011, Aluratek unveiled a new ebook reader called the Libre Air and an Android tablet called Cinepad, both due to arrive in February. There’s a third new device from Aluratek too, one that’s already on the market. It’s called the Libre Color. It has a color screen, as the name would lead you […]

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Libre Air and Cinepad

New Aluratek Libre Air eReader and Cinepad Android Tablet

Today at CES Aluratek, makers of the popular grayscale LCD Aluratek Libre Pro, announced a new Libre Air ebook reader with WiFi and a 10″ Android tablet named Cinepad. There’s actually a third new device as well, the Libre Color. It was released just a few weeks ago and is selling for $199 from Aluratek’s […]

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aluratek libre

Aluratek Libre eBook Reader for $99

The LCD-based Aluratek ereader is selling for $99 from Sears.com in both black and white. It’s the lowest price so far that I’ve seen. The Libre usually hovers between $120 and $150. Unlike some similar units, the Libre works with Adobe Digital Editions for DRM-encrypted EPUB and PDF ebooks, which are the most widely used […]

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