New AT&T Data Plans for iPad and iPhone

AT&T iPad

If you just got a shiny new Apple iPad with 3G or are planning on getting one, take note that AT&T is changing to new data plans in the US, (you can keep the old plan if you already signed up for it).

The new lower tier plan is still 200MB of usage for $15 a month, but the sneaky $.10 per MB charge for going over the limit is gone. Now if you go over the limit, another 200MB is added on for $15. And so on for more minutes.

The “unlimited” plan has been replaced with a 2GB plan that runs $5 cheaper per month at $25. After the initial 2GB is used, additional blocks of 1GB can be added on for $10 each.

For iPhones running the new OS this summer, the new data plans will offer iPhone tethering for an extra $20 per month. Tethering allows a laptop/netbook to connect to the internet via the iPhone’s 3G.

The new plans also include free Wi-Fi at AT&T’s 20,000 hotspots.

Source: CNET

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