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If you are a proud Nook owner, you can take your Nook to any Barnes and Noble retail store to get access to the free exclusive content listed below.

Just tap the “shop” icon to bring up the in-store promotions. Each week the “More in Store” is updated and each new feature is available for four weeks on a rolling basis. Once you download the exclusive content to a Nook, it gets saved to your B&N library and can be accessed whenever you want.

August 1

There’s No Such Thing As An Ordinary Day: A Q&A with the author of One Day, David Nicholls
One Day is a fascinating, explosive look at relationships and the way everything can change over the course of a single day. In this exclusive interview for NOOK owners, Nicholls discusses inspiration, romance vs. cynicism and the surreal process of watching a bestselling book become a screenplay.

Dan Ariely’s The Magic of Procrastination
Pop science favorite Dan Ariely is a must-read for anyone interested in human behavior. In his trademark energetic style, Ariely tackles a subject near and dear to the hearts of back-to-schoolers everywhere: the fine art of procrastination.

August 8

A Quarter-Century with Peter and Rina by Faye Kellerman
With more than 20 million books in print, Faye Kellerman has been delighting readers with her husband and wife mystery-solving team for decades. Now, in this exclusive essay for NOOK owners, Kellerman talks about the joys and occasional woes of 25 years with her favorite couple.

Reading Teen Romance by Eloisa James
Teen love has come a long way since Romeo stood under Juliet’s balcony. B&N reviewer and romance author Eloisa James rounds up a few of the best new releases that will delight teen girls and mothers alike.

August 15

Kelley Armstrong’s Battening the Hatches
Only for NOOK owners, Armstrong, author of Waking the Witch, Bitten and Stolen, writes an all-original Otherworld story taking place right before Waking the Witch.

Tea Party Fashion: Ruling the Fall Runways by Erin McHugh
Political fashion is on the rise says Erin McHugh, a Barnes & Noble bookseller in Manhattan. In this exclusive essay, McHugh writes about a little-covered area of the political landscape.

August 22

Telling Stories by Joyce Maynard
Journalist and novelist Joyce Maynard offers Barnes & Noble readers insight into the inspiration for her newest novel: her inappropriate, outspoken and absolutely irresistible mother.

The Right Book for the Beginning Reader by Patricia Reilly Giff
Bestselling children’s book author Patricia Reilly Giff writes, from her own experience, about what makes the best kind of book for children who are just starting to read on their own.

August 29

Anything is Possible: A Chat with Kresley Cole
The settings for Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark series run the gamut from New Orleans to the Scottish Highlands. In this exclusive essay for Barnes & Noble, Cole reveals how she chooses the settings and why escapism isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Allowance Negotiation by Jean Chatzky
Teaching children about money is important, but not always easy. Just for NOOK owners, money coach Jean Chatzky shares tips on how to talk to your kids about finances.

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