New Sony Reader PRS-350 and Sony PRS-650 Coming Very Soon

Over at SonyInsider, there’s an interesting article about two new Sony Readers set to launch soon, the PRS-350 and the PRS-650. Both are upgraded versions of the current 5 and 6-inch models.

Given Sony’s history of releasing new ereaders at this time of year, expect an official announcement within the next few weeks.

According to sources, the Sony PRS-350 and PRS-650 will both feature touchscreens, will both be thinner and lighter than the current models, and will likely have improved contrast and faster page turns. Hopefully Sony will opt for the new Pearl displays with 50% improved contrast like the new Kindle 3 and Kindle DX; they would be stupid not to.

The PRS-650 will have WiFi and possibly free 3G like the PRS-900 Daily Edition, while the PRS-350 is not expected to have any wireless capabilities.

For the PRS-650, it looks to come with 2GB of internal memory instead of the standard 512MB of the previous models. The PRS-350 may have 2GB of memory as well, but it’s not certain.

Aside from adding WiFi, improved contrast, more memory, and a touchscreen to the 5-inch model, the user interface is said to be updated for both models with a new homescreen, and both will have note-taking capabilities as well.

That’s all the information available on the two new Sony Readers for now. Stay tuned for the latest updates.

2 Responses to “New Sony Reader PRS-350 and Sony PRS-650 Coming Very Soon”

  1. Unfortunatelly, their sw is still their weak point. Lack of Unicode support is closing the market in Russia, East Asia and Central nad East Europe. Comparing this to Kindle 3 unicode support, this (and not the touch screen) may be bussness breaker for Sony. Really shame, becouse I like their ereader design.


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