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Sony PRS-350 Firmware Update

Firmware Update for Sony Reader PRS-650 and PRS-350

Sony issued a firmware update this past week for the Sony PRS-650 and PRS-350 ebook readers. To update, all you need to do is plug your ereader into your computer with the USB cable and then open Sony’s Reader Library software if it doesn’t automatically launch when you plug the device in. (more…)

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PRS-650 Red

What is Going on with Sony’s eReaders?

If you’ve tried to get your hands on a new Sony PRS-650 recently you probably know that they are very hard to find these days. Most retail stores don’t have them in stock, most online retailers that sell Sony Readers only sell the PRS-350 and sometimes the PRS-950, but the PRS-650 has been hard to […]

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Sony PRS-650

Sony PRS-650 Finally Back In Stock

The Sony Touch Edition, a.k.a. the PRS-650, is back in stock in both red and black at Sony Style.com after having sold out a few weeks before Christmas. Other retailers still aren’t showing them in stock yet, at least not at a reasonable price. Even the Sony UK site and other international Sony sites are […]

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Save up to 45% off our Holiday Gift Guide!

Holiday eReader Sales and Black Friday Deals

This post is updated daily to list all the ebook reader sales through the 2010 holiday season, including Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and any other promotion retailers can think up between now and the end of December that involves ereaders. I’ve added this page toward the top of the main navigation list on […]

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PRS 650 Cover with Light

Great Deals on the New Sony Readers

In an odd marketing twist that appears to be a big middle finger to those of us who bought a new Sony Touch or Sony Pocket when they were first released, there are suddenly a couple of really good deals on the Sony PRS-650 and PRS-350. First, some of Sony’s retailers like B&H Photo and […]

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Sony PRS 650

Sony PRS 650 and 350: Shortcuts, Tips and Tricks

This post is a list of shortcuts for the Sony PRS 650 Touch Edition and PRS 350 Pocket Edition, along with some helpful tips and tricks. Here are links to some earlier Sony Reader posts that you may find useful as well: How to get free news feeds for a Sony Reader with Calibre’s news […]

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Sony PRS 350 vs PRS 650

PRS-650 vs PRS-350: Sony Touch or Sony Pocket?

During the initial reviews for the Sony PRS-650 and PRS-350, I said that I liked the PRS-650 better because of the larger screen size and memory card slots. But after using them both for a few weeks, I’m not sure which one I like better. As far as the user interface goes, they are pretty […]

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Kindle 3 vs PRS-650

Kindle 3 vs Sony PRS-650 Review with Video

This Kindle 3 vs Sony PRS-650 review outlines all the differences between two of the most popular ebook readers on the market. Trying to decide between getting a Kindle 3 or Sony PRS-650 is not an easy task (I’m glad I don’t have to choose). Hopefully this post can help you make the right choice […]

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