Sony PRS-650 Finally Back In Stock

Sony PRS-650

The Sony Touch Edition, a.k.a. the PRS-650, is back in stock in both red and black at Sony after having sold out a few weeks before Christmas.

Other retailers still aren’t showing them in stock yet, at least not at a reasonable price. Even the Sony UK site and other international Sony sites are showing them as temporarily unavailable.

Sony probably just started getting more shipments in this week and will start distributing them to retailers shortly.

Some rumors had the PRS-650 delayed until March, so at least it didn’t take that long. Sony probably missed out big on a lot of Christmas shopping though. The 6″ PRS-650 seems to be their most popular model.

4 Responses to “Sony PRS-650 Finally Back In Stock”

  1. I had borrowed the PRS-650 from a friend of mine for some days. I can only say that reading and also working with it was very comfortable. To everyone who is really thinking about buying I can only recommend it as it has some nice features and it is not for nothing Sony´s most popular model.

  2. on the downside is the unsufficent export of the highlighted text and no reasonable export of the handwriten remarks.
    one can only keep the worked pdf-book within the reader to keep the remarks and higligted text were it belong in the book.
    if there is a pdf to look like microtext in the default pdf view, the zooming to make it readable will be ignored if highlightning text is needed,- the reader will switch back to the default mode (microtext in some cases) to enable the highlighting, which is annoying.
    There is obviously more potential for a better firmware-update, which is really rare for SONY e-reader in general.

  3. In Canada’s Future Shop, the PRS-650 was for $ 229 for a quite some time, these past 5 days the price goes up to $ 249. You can buy PRS-650, though. They have in stock. For whom can wait, Borders is selling for $ 169.99 but estimate delivery time is in 4 to 6 weeks.

  4. Here in Europe the PRS-650 is still out of stock.
    Delivery is about two to four wekks or even more.
    And of course it’s much more expensive here.