Holiday eReader Sales and Black Friday Deals

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This post is updated daily to list all the ebook reader sales through the 2010 holiday season, including Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and any other promotion retailers can think up between now and the end of December that involves ereaders.

I’ve added this page toward the top of the main navigation list on the left so it’s easy to find quickly to check for updates. I’ll also post each new item that is added to this list on Twitter for those of you that want to keep updated on all the latest sales and deals as soon as they are posted.

Please feel free to contribute to this list by leaving comments if you notice an ereader sale that isn’t listed, or if you happen to notice that one of the sales is no longer active.

Ongoing eReader Sales

Kobo Wireless

Kobo is offering $20 off any Kobo wireless eReaders with coupon code Kobo20. They’ve also introduced five new bundle packages that come with popular bestselling ebooks.

Nook 3G and Nook WiFi

Barnes and Noble has added some manufacturer refurbished Nooks to their eBay store. The Nook WiFi is selling for $119 and the Nook 3G for $139. That includes free shipping and a 1 year warranty.

Sony Readers

  • PRS-350 is on sale for $149 at Amazon ($30 off).
  • PRS-350 is also on sale for $139 at Borders ($40 off).
  • PRS-950 is on sale for $249 at Best Buy ($50 off).
  • PRS-300 is on sale for $99 at Best Buy ($40 off).
  • PRS-600 refurbished is selling for $99 from

If you have an old ereader to trade in you could get an additional $75 off from Sony Style.

Other eBook Readers On Sale

PocketBook 360 and PocketBook 302 is running a holiday promotion on the PocketBook 360 and PocketBook 302. Here are the details:

  • PocketBook 360 is marked down to $129 ($30 off)
  • PocketBook 302 is marked down to $199 ($80 off)
  • PB 360 + PB 302 Bundle Package is selling for $279 ($80 off)

Barnes and Noble Nook Refurbs – SOLD OUT

There are suddenly a lot of manufacturer refurbished Nooks on the internet. The word is that B&N had a bad batch of cases on Nooks that weren’t yet sold and had to have them fixed. has the refurbished Nook WiFi for $99 with free shipping. Barnes and Noble is selling them on eBay as well. The WiFi only Nook is $119 and the 3G model is $149. Another site carrying them is Overstock. The WiFi Nook is $99 and the 3G Nook version is $119.

Black Friday Deals for eBook Readers – ENDED

Amazon posted on Facebook that they will be selling the Kindle 2 for $89 on Black Friday at 9AM PT. It will show up on the lightning deals of Amazon’s Black Friday page.

Apple announced they’d be having Black Friday deals but didn’t give any specifics.

Barnes and Noble have various deals on Friday, but only one involving the Nook. Get 25% off a Nook accessory with the purchase of a matte screen film kit.

K-Mart will be selling the black Pandigital Novel for $139 while supplies last during Black Friday and Saturday—Blue Friday as they call it.

Menards will have the Augen “The Book” available for $69 after a $20 mail in rebate on Black Friday from 6 am to 11 am.

Best Buy will be selling the Nook WiFi for $99 ($50 off) on Black Friday as a doorbuster when the doors open at 5 am. They will also be selling the black Pandigital Novel for $139 ($40 off) and the Sharper Image Literati for $119 ($40 off) on Black Friday. Best Buy will have the Cruz Reader as well, marked down to $159 ($40 off).

WalMart is expected to have the Sony PRS-300 for $99 (about $40 off) on Black Friday from 5 am to 11 am.

Kohl’s will have the Sharper Image Literati on sale for $99 ($50 off) as a doorbuster on Black Friday when they open at 3 am.

Sears is going to have the Aluratek Libre as a doorbuster item for $89 ($30 off), but that’s not worth getting out of bed for because it typically sells for $99 from Borders and other sites.

A few other places have deals for the Pandigital Novel and Literati but the price-cuts are so minimal it’s not worth mentioning.

18 Responses to “Holiday eReader Sales and Black Friday Deals”

  1. HHGregg will have the Pandigital Novel for $139 (after $15 rebate).

  2. Can you tell me what ereader is good that has a color screen?

    • Hi Pam,

      I’ve been testing the PocketBook IQ the past few days and am liking it quite a bit. It can install 3rd party apps like Kindle, Borders, Aldiko, FBReader, and others. Here’s my first impressions and video.

      There’s also the Nook Color, of course. Waiting for mine to arrive today.

  3. Nathan, Pocketbook has opened a location in my area. They say they have the 701 and the 601. The 601 is not listed on their web site. Do you know anything about it? Also, the 701 is priced very well. Do you see that they cut corners to get to that price and is it difficult to read for long periods of time?

    • I don’t know anything about the 601; it must be a misunderstanding. They probably mean the 602 because it and the 701 were just made available this past week. Or perhaps its one of the older models, the 301 or 302.

      As far as the build quality of the 701, it’s one of the more solid devices that I’ve tested with its metal frame, and it comes with 2 year warranty. Reading on it for long periods of time doesn’t bother my eyes personally, I don’t really have any problems with backlit LCDs in that regard like some people. But then again I sit in front of a computer all day and am used to it, I guess. One thing, I always have the brightness turned down quite a bit when reading, otherwise it probably would bother me more.

  4. One thing about LCD screens–at least with the Sylvania tablet I am testing out–it that there can be quite a bit of reflection on the display, especially if you have a light on overhead. Of course at night, if reading in the dark, I put it in nighttime mode with a black background and white text and it reads quite well.

  5. Anybody know if there will be any deals on Barnes & Noble ebooks on Black Friday? I see a lot on the internet about readers but I’m wondering if they will be giving deals on the eBooks as well? I have a nook so I am interested in any store discounting ePub based books that will work on the nook.

    • I’ll keep an eye out for some ebook discounts but that’s not something I see from B&N. Have you seen the other discounts posted recently for ebooks from Kobo and They both have coupon codes you can use for a percentage off and they have ePubs. Just hit the eBooks link in the categories list to the right to find them.

  6. Looks like Best Buy will be selling the Nook Classic WiFi on their website for $99.99 as well. It is at that price ‘coming soon’ through to 27/11.

  7. Nook Classic WiFi (refurbished) being sold by B&N through eBay for $79 now. Let’s see if we can get to a $50 eReader before the end of the holiday season.

  8. cortland johnson December 1, 2010 at 9:03 pm

    1. Will you be able to upload newer software versions of Android on your present reader/tablet & what is the cost
    2.Why don’t they list battry life in specs & reviews? To me it is very important

    • Not exactly sure what you are referring to. But it doesn’t cost anything to update to new versions of Android. And battery life is mentioned in pretty much every review.

  9. Walmart is having some Sony ereaders on sale.

    Pr 300 at 129 and other refurbished ereaders at 149. Just in case anyone is interested.

    By the way, a good cover case for the IQ 701?

    • I don’t know if there’s much of a selection of IQ cases at the moment, but cases for the 7″ Pandigital Novel and Cruz Readers should work since they are basically the same units. I don’t know for sure though.

  10. Newegg is running a special on the Jetbook Lite for $89.99, with free case and earlight w/ purchase, ends 12/20.

  11. Thanks for the heads up, Willem. Here’s the link for those interested:


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