PRS-650 vs PRS-350: Sony Touch or Sony Pocket?

Sony PRS 350 vs PRS 650

During the initial reviews for the Sony PRS-650 and PRS-350, I said that I liked the PRS-650 better because of the larger screen size and memory card slots. But after using them both for a few weeks, I’m not sure which one I like better.

As far as the user interface goes, they are pretty much identical. They both have all the same touchscreen features and functions, with the exception that the PRS-650 has an audio player.

So other than the size and price, there’s not a whole lot of difference between them. But still . . . that doesn’t make choosing one or the other any easier. So I decided to make a list comparing the differences between the new Sony Touch and Sony Pocket, and then listing the advantages of each device specifically compared to the other.

PRS-650 vs PRS-350: The Differences

Sony PRS-650 Sony PRS-350
Screen Size 6-inch 5-inch
Weight 7.58 oz 5.47 oz
Dimensions 6 5/8 x 4 3/4 x 13/32 5 3/4 x 4 1/8 x 11/32
Colors Red and Black, Silver in some countries Pink and Silver, Blue in some countries
Memory 2GB, SD and Pro Duo card slots 2GB, no expansion
Audio MP3 and ACC, headphone jack none

Text Size

Aside from the technical differences, the main thing to consider when trying to decide between the PRS-650 and PRS-350 is the amount of text shown on-screen. Click the picture at the top of the post for a close-up comparison of the difference in the amount of text between the two devices. Both use the same exact text sizes.

The picture shows the text on the medium setting. If you like reading with a larger text size, then the PRS-650 is probably the better option. The PRS-350 is more suited for those that like to read smaller text.


One quick thing to point out, the PRS-350 has a plastic edge along three sides—probably to make it even lighter—whereas the PRS-650 uses aluminum all around.

PRS-650 vs PRS-350: Conclusion

Trying to decide between buying the PRS-650 and PRS-350 is not easy, hopefully this post has helped you decide which one is the best fit for you. Here’s a summary of the advantages of both:

Advantages PRS-650

  • Memory card slots
  • More text on-screen, less page turning
  • Larger screen size is better for viewing PDF files
  • Audio support
  • Slightly stronger build

Advantages PRS-350

  • Extremely light and easy to hold
  • Diminutive size makes it highly portable, even pocketable
  • Costs about $50 less than the PRS-650

11 Responses to “PRS-650 vs PRS-350: Sony Touch or Sony Pocket?”

  1. What are ACC files?
    Will all MP3 files play on the 650 or is there such a thing as DRM for audiobooks so that some will only play on certain devices?
    I`m wondering if the audiobooks from the site booksshouldbefree will play on the 650?
    Would an audio book(whether it`s free or purchased) from the Itunes site play on the 650?

  2. ACC is supposedly a newer, better format that wants to replace MP3. There is DRM involved with these too, not as often as with ebooks, but the Sony’s will only play unencrypted ACC and MP3 files, so it depends on where they come from. For instance, sells audiobooks but they will only work on a Kindle, as far as ereaders are concerned.

  3. there is something else noone mentioned, the silver prs350 bezel is really shiney, its *&^% annoying. I am sending this one back to sony and will be getting the black prs650.

    also the smallest font is barely readable in low lighting conditions due to the grey background.

    • Good points. The silver does catch the light more. I like the black better too. Actually, if they had the dark blue here in the US like they do in parts of Europe, that would probably be my top choice.

  4. Just wondering
    Can you listen to MP3`s and read at the same time on the 650 or is it a one or the other thing?
    I just tried reading on Calibre as I played the same audiobook on my ipod and it works quite well.Of course you have to turn your own pages.
    It`s better than Kindle`s text to speech in some ways because the speech is human.
    Certainly wouldn`t do that all the time but it would be an option.

  5. Yes. I think all ereaders with MP3 functionality will play while you read at the same time.

  6. Ok thanks.

  7. So if the silver bezel on the 350 catches the light a lot more… now I’m even more annoyed that the 950 apparently only will be available in silver. But then, I think it’s ugly :p

  8. BHP now offers Sony PRS-650 Reader Touch Edition (Black) with Cover (Black) & Light (ends 10/30/2010) for 229.95$, so hurry up!

  9. Thanks for the helpful comparison. A few suggestions:

    _ In your photo, wouldn’t it make more sense to start the text in the same place on both readers, so you can see how much more of the same text the larger model displays?

    _ Your header “Text Size” implies the font size. How about saying “Screen Capacity” instead?

    _ “Summery” means “summer-like”. No doubt you meant “summary”. (That’s the thing about spell-checkers—they can’t always tell what you mean.)

    Cheers, ander

    • I wanted to show the same text on-screen but it won’t work because they layout differently and I didn’t want the heading interfering. Summery . . . now that’s good for a laugh.