Sony PRS-350 Now Shipping – Some Odd Observations

Sony PRS-350 Blue

The Sony PRS-350 is now listed as “In Stock” on the Sony Style website and I just received an email saying that mine has been shipped—pity it’s a Friday.

The PRS-650, however, hasn’t shipped yet and is still listed as pre-order. It’s expected ship date is September 16th.

While checking around on some of the regional Sony websites for other shipping dates, I noticed something odd. There are different colors available in different countries.

Canada, for instance, has an option for a red, black, and silver PRS-650, whereas red and black are the only options in the US. Some European Sony Style stores have a gorgeous blue PRS-350 (shown in the picture) that isn’t available to many other countries. And some countries only have one color choice.

Possibly the oddest thing of all is the fact that the PRS-350 started shipping in Canada before it started shipping anywhere else—that’s a first. Some people have already received theirs, in fact. And now Sony Canada lists the PRS-350 as out of stock, with no expected ship date, while the PRS-650 says available on or about 9/24—a full eight days after it is listed to ship in the US. How does that make any sense?

6 Responses to “Sony PRS-350 Now Shipping – Some Odd Observations”

  1. Thanks for this update! You are the king of ereading.

  2. Yes the Aussie site is now showing the PRS 350 as out of stock too

  3. I’m patiently waiting for more details on the 950… it has become the first and most important item on my Christmas wish list, so I’m not in a hurry. I’m researching it to make sure it can really do everything I want it to do, and hoping it will come in more colors than just black.

    I have the Sony section of this site bookmarked, to make the research easier. I really am very glad I found this blog. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the kind words.

    I sent an email to Sony to see if I could wheedle out any additional info about the PRS-950, but so far I haven’t heard back.

    Personally, the PRS-900 is one of my favorite ereaders. I really like the size and features, and now with the new Pearl touchscreen I think the 950 stands a really good chance of being a top choice. The $299 price is definitely going to be a big sticking point for some, though.

    I wonder if it will come with a cover and hard case like the PRS-900 did; that at least made the higher price more worth it compared to the 600 that didn’t come with anything but a soft sleeve (actually, I don’t think the new ones even come with that).

    Mimsy, you said black but I think you meant silver as the only choice for the 950. I don’t particularly like that color choice either, but at least there’s always skins to put on it to make it whatever color or design you want.

    Hopefully I’ll have some more updates soon.

  5. Awesome site! I’ve been checking it religiously to learn more about ereaders. I think 90% of my knowledge about ereaders came from this site. I love the up to date information and the frankness! I totally agree with your assessment about the prs-900 if the 950 comes with a case and ac adapter it seems like its a better deal than the prs-650 (I recently paid roughly 270 for a case + prs-650 without the ac adapter).

    thanks for providing all this great info!

  6. The “black” must have been selective amnesia triggered by wishful thinking, because I really would prefer to have a black 950 over a silver one… I will definitely need to skin it if silver is my only color choice, at least if it is the same kind silver as the PRS-300 my local Borders has on display,. since it’s a very ugly color.

    I moved the Sony section from bookmarks to RSS reader, so I’ll get the updates easier. Still waiting patiently… and learning as much as I can while I wait! 🙂