Sony Pocket PDF Review and Video (PRS-350)

If you are curious about the Sony Pocket’s PDF displaying capabilities, check out the new PRS-350 PDF review page for all the details. There are 8 huge pictures and another lengthy video review.

And in case you missed it, I just updated the main Sony Pocket review to add six pictures showing each different font size available.

Here a look at the Sony Pocket PDF video review . . .

4 Responses to “Sony Pocket PDF Review and Video (PRS-350)”

  1. You do the best reviews I have ever seen.
    Looks very suitable for PDF`s if that`s not your main use.
    Can`t get over the clarity of the screen.

    I notice you mostly use the stylus rather than your finger.
    Is that because it`s a review and you`re trying not to block the screen or would it be your actual preference?

    When reading do you find swiping pages is more natural or do you prefer the turn buttons?

    Is the placement of the turn buttons ergonomic whether holding the unit in left or right hand?

    What do some of the Calibre News Feeds look like on this unit?


    • I pretty much never use the stylus; it was just easier for the review because it’s a long reach from behind the camera.

      I move back and forth between using the buttons and the touchscreen for turning pages. Holding it by the bottom with either hand positions my thumb right over the page forward button comfortably (a little more comfortably right-handed), but I usually hold it with the bottom corner right in the crook of my palm and then use my thumb to swipe pages towards the middle of the screen.

      Between the light weight and small size, it probably is one of the more comfortable and easiest to use ereaders to operate one-handed with either hand.

      Calibre News Feeds work well. There’s a quick look at the USA Today version at the end of the general video review on the main PRS-350 review page.

  2. I have to admit, that you perfectly described the main point I was interested in(reading PDFs).
    This review helped me to see that my previous reader was still in the stone age when it comes to PDFs.
    I replaced it with the PRS-350 and was never happier with a gedget purchase since a long time.

    Thank you for allowing me to make the right decision with this excellent review!


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