A Few New Details About the Sony PRS-950 Daily Edition

Sony PRS-950 Daily Edition

Okay. So it’s not much, but I managed to obtain a few minor details about the new Sony PRS-950 that haven’t been revealed anywhere else.

This came via a PDF from Racepoint Group, Sony’s PR agency. I spotted a couple of typos and factual inaccuracies in the PDF so take this information with a grain of salt.

The first thing is that the Sony PRS-950’s web browser will be unlocked for use with WiFi only; it won’t work over 3G. The free 3G will be provided by AT&T—the same as the first generation Daily Edition—along with access to free WiFi hotspots. The most disappointing news about this, however, is this line quoted from the PDF:

Content outside the Reader Store and Google Books content will not be available for wireless download, but can be easily managed through your compatible PC or Mac.

I hope that Sony reconsiders not allowing downloads with the browser. Not being able to severely hampers its usefulness. If the browser only works over WiFi, then what has Sony got to lose? Why not continue with their open approach attitude toward ebooks? At least let people download free ebooks and ebooks borrowed from libraries, if not 3rd party ebook retailers that sell Adobe DRM-ed ebooks.

Again, the same with the PRS-900, Sony wants to force users to buy ebooks from the Sony Reader Store. Everyone always speaks bad of Amazon’s closed-in approach, but even the Kindles can download ebooks in compatible formats (PDF, AZW, TXT, MOBI, PRC) using the web browser over WiFi and 3G.

Aside from the wireless, the only other new information not mentioned on Sony’s website or any of their press releases so far is that the PRS-950 will have 2GB of internal memory, the battery is rated to last 14 days with wireless on and 27 days with it off, and the device weighs in at 8.99 ounces. That’s almost 4 ounces lighter than the older PRS-900. In fact, it’s lighter than Sony’s earlier 6-inch model, the PRS-600.

All the other details the PDF talks about have already been reported on these two posts about the new screen technology and new features.

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Update: Sony has updated some information on the PRS-950 product details page. It says the device weighs 9.6 ounces and is .38″ thick. Additionally, they say that the battery life is 10 days with wireless on and up to 22 days with wireless off.

9 Responses to “A Few New Details About the Sony PRS-950 Daily Edition”

  1. Thank you fr posting this! I’m still trying to be patient about the 950… and taking the information with grains of salt. 🙂

    I’m very disappointed in the crippled wifi, and the lack of 3G support in the browser. I want and need to be able to download from the many free ebook sites out there. This might actually end up being a deal breaker. Damn you Sony!

  2. hmmmm.

    I am anxious to see if the Cruz tablet will be any good, since the Cruz Reader apparently isn’t. The tablet is suppose to have a capacitive screen and support flash, and at $299 a good price.

  3. “…but even the Kindles can download ebooks in compatible formats (PDF, TXT, MOBI, PRC) using the web browser over WiFi and 3G.”

    So does that mean you can download directly from sites like Feedbooks,Manybooks and Gutenberg to the Kindle using the Kindle Browser?Is that free or do they charge you since it`s not the Amazon store.

  4. No, it’s free. I’ve been downloading from Feedbooks lately; I like how their ebooks are nicely formatted. I double checked and actually it won’t download PDFs, even though that’s a supported format, but the others work fine, as long as the file doesn’t open a new window (an annoying thing about the browser is that it won’t open pages that open in a new window.)

  5. Good to know.
    Thanks for checking that.

  6. I waiting on the 950 to be rellease! I still think is the best ereader for me. The problem with the wifi, will not be one for me, even more de 3G. Cause 3G won’t work here in Brazil. Since the wifi download the files from my computer is enough by me. The great news is that the 950 is ligther! Thanks again for the review!

  7. Also on the site was the reported thickness of the 950 being only .38 inches, and that is important as well.

  8. I am in the process of selecting an e book reader and have nearly decided on the sony 950. I want the reader mainly because I travel a lot and the weight and ease of handling is an important feature for me. Our local library supports the sony e reader also. However, there are certain things I don’t know – would it be a disadvantage not to have wifi and what is 3G. We ave wifi at home because we run a bed and breakfast accommodation but am not sure how it would work for me if overseas. Can someone please enlighten me?

    • Sony doesn’t make the 950 anymore, just the prs-t1. The 950’s are really expensive now if you can find one. The 3G was for wireless on the go but only worked for getting ebooks from Sony in the US, nothing else,