PocketBook 602, 902, 701(IQ Tablet) Pre-Orders

Pocketbook 902

This is hardly news for those of you who are paying close attention, but two of the new PocketBook eReaders, the PB 602 and PB 902, are up for pre-order, along with the PocketBook IQ Tablet.

I was waiting for the numbers to come in on the 3G touchscreen models, the 603 and 903, before posting about it, but there seems to be a delay so here is the pricing and release dates on the PocketBook 602, 902, and IQ Tablet.

According to PocketBook US, the PocketBook 602 is expected to be available for immediate shipment next week and the 902 and 701 (IQ Tablet) will be shipping in about 3 weeks. Update: The 701 and 602 started shipping as of November 12th. The 902 is expected to arrive around the 20th – 25th, unofficially.

Pricing for the new models is a little confusing because the PocketBook website has slightly higher prices for the 602 and 701 than Dulin’s Books, an authorized PocketBook retailer. So I went with the lower prices.

The European pricing for the new PocketBooks was released awhile ago and can be found here.

PocketBook 602
Standard Package: $169
Comfort Package: $199

PocketBook 902
Standard Package: $299
Comfort Package: $329

PocketBook 701 IQ Tablet

The standard package comes with a micro USB cable, quick start guide, and 2 year warranty. The comfort package includes those as well, along with a wall charger and 2GB SD card. The IQ comes with a wall charger and USB cable.

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19 Responses to “PocketBook 602, 902, 701(IQ Tablet) Pre-Orders”

  1. Geez, it is hard to keep track of everything about to come out. Based on the reviews, I have already soured on the Micro Velocity Cruz tablet and the Viewsonic 10.1 and I doubt the Maylong M-150 will be any good if it ever arrives.

    I am now waiting to see if the ARCHOS 7 and 10 inch tablets will be any good. I really wish I could ignore the topic altogether for another 6 months…

    • What about the Notion Ink Adam? The Pixel Qi version is only supposed to be around $449 and comes with all the bells and whistles. Maybe pre-orders in December. I’m looking forward to that one the most as far as tablets go.

  2. The PB 902 comes with eink vizplex? And could you explain what is Aspect ratio?? thanks

  3. Hi Nathan. Thanks again for the help. But, what I mean to ask was what is contrast ratio? Cause the 902 has a 4:3 which is diferent from a Kindle dx which has 10:1. How this is better or worst?

  4. If you ever do a review on the PocketBook IQ 701, be sure to verify the processor speed. There are conflicting specs for the processor at two of their sites:

    This US based site show 800mhz:


    but another has it at 533mgz


  5. does this thing play video? I read somewhere that it had youtube

    • The IQ is going to be unlocked so it should have the ability to install a lot Android apps compatible with Android 2.0. And once it gets updated to 2.2 it should even get support for Flash. Not sure on what video formats are supported. I’ll know more Tuesday.

  6. Wow. This device is sounding better all the time. Of course the proof is in the pudding.

  7. The one thing I will be curious about with the Pocketbook IQ 701 (or any other button-based ereader that can read web pages) is how effective is scrolling down a long web page, such as a comment section, without a touch screen? My only experience with this is with my IPOD Touch.

    I mean, does the scrolling increase if you continue to hold the button down or does it go at a methodical slow pace?

  8. That should read does the “scrolling speed increase” as you continue to hold down the button.

    • The IQ has a touchscreen. I’ve been working on adding and updating the Pocketbook pages with all the available information and I just updated the new PocketBook IQ page one more time based on photos showing the info on the back of the box.

      As far as scrolling goes with non-touch, it all depends on the device. The Augen eReader has a browser but no touchscreen and hitting the buttons moves the page around and there’s a pointer that you can move (slowly) with the nav wheel. The Kindle 3 works pretty fast for scrolling down since the webpage is shrunk to fit the screen. Turning pages scrolls up and down and there’s a zoom box that moves around the page as well. A pointer moves from hyperlinks with the up and down buttons.

      Overall, touchscreen is definitely the way to go for extensive web browsing.

  9. Ok. Thanks.

    I like what you did with the comment widget. Much easier to keep track of replies and such.

  10. How easy or difficult is it to navigate typing or sudoku on the 602 or 302? I just found out today that the 603 with Wacom will not be out until spring.

    • For Sudoku you use the nav wheel to move the box around, then click to pop-up a box for numbers. Seems to work well, but then again I know as much about Sudoku as I do thermonuclear fusion :).

      BTW, where’d you here the spring rumor?

  11. I emailed Regina Sergiyenko from Pocketbook in Overland Park, KS. I told her that I really wanted the 603 over the 602 and wanted to know if it would be out before Christmas. She told me in an email that it would not be ready until March. She has been very responsive by email about answering where the new stores would be before they opened and letting me know what models were in stock when they first opened. I live in the area but it is still a 30 minute drive.

  12. Thanks for the update, Carmen. That’s good to know . . . too bad it’s been delayed. It’s probably safe to assume the 903 will be delayed until then too.