Texas Hold’em and Panda Poet: New Kindle Games

A few new Kindle Games have been added to the Kindle Store in recent weeks, with two more added this week: Texas Hold’em from Electronic Arts and Panda Poet from Spry Fox. Texas Hold’em sells for $3.99 and Panda Poet is selling for $2.99. Here are their descriptions:

EA Texas Hold’em (Play the Popular Poker Game) by Electronic Arts Inc.

no rating (just released)

With EA Texas Hold’em for Kindle, you can play the popular style of poker – anytime, anywhere.

EA Texas Hold’em is easy to play whether you’re a poker pro or brand-new to Texas Hold’em. Choose between 3 difficulty levels and challenge 6 unique in-game characters in Career Mode. Sharpen your poker skills in Practice Mode, or Pass ‘N Play with up to 4 friends. Earn 16 different awards, track your stats, and even get help from the in-game Advisor.

Play the best odds and rake in huge pots in EA Texas Hold’em.

Panda Poet (A Word Game for Kindle) by Spry Fox

5 stars, 6 reviews

Do you like word games? And pandas?

With Panda Poet you use the letters on the game board to form words. Words formed from letters in open spaces create pandas. Words formed from letters near pandas make existing pandas grow.

The goal is grow the biggest panda possible. You get the highest scores from either creating the biggest possible panda or from forming the longest possible words.

To add to the challenge, each letter is only available for a fixed number of turns. Each time you enter a word, all the letters on the screen come one step closer to expiring. When a letter expires, it is replaced by a skull, which prevents you from growing your pandas in that direction. This makes playing Panda Poet a delicate balancing act: you must consider where a letter is located on the grid and how soon it will expire, not simply spell the longest word you can.

Try it today and see!

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