New Nook Firmware v1.5 Update Released

Nook with Cover

It’s finally here. The promised Nook firmware updated. B&N released it yesterday. This applies to the Nook Classic, of course, not the new Nook Color.

This update adds some new features to the Nook Classic and fixes some persisting bugs. The update and instructions on how to install the update can be found here on the Barnes and Noble Nook support page.

Here are the details about the new firmware:

Our current software update has exciting new features and improves NOOK’s overall performance. Included in Version 1.5:
1. NEW! Stay in Sync Across Multiple Devices
Automatically sync the last page you read on your NOOK or NOOK app with another. For instance, if you stop reading on a certain page on your NOOK, you’ll automatically open to the same exact place on your iPad, iPhone or Android-based Smartphone using our FREE NOOK apps.
2. NEW! Stay Organized with “My Shelves”
Create, name and organize shelves in “My B&N Library” and “My Documents” in “My Shelves”. For instance, you can put all your cookbooks on one shelf, all your spy novels on another shelf, for quick and easy access.
3. NEW! Password Protect Your NOOK
Your NOOK can now be secured in two ways to prevent unauthorized use. First – you can set up your NOOK to lock when it goes into sleep mode, then unlock it with a pass code. Second – you can require a password to purchase content, so others using your NOOK cannot buy anything without your permission.
4. Faster page turns, improved search, and other optimization
The software update is available for NOOKs connected to Wi-Fi® through automatic download or via manual download, available here. (Note: This update will not be distributed via the 3G network.) For an automatic Wi-Fi® update, you may need to tap ‘Check for new B&N content’ in the My Library area in order to initiate the update.

Some other updates not mentioned on the list are an upgraded web browser—the Beta version has graduated— and improved power management for better battery life.

5 Responses to “New Nook Firmware v1.5 Update Released”

  1. So (if you’ve installed the update) does it still appear to be Android 1.5? Or is it now 1.6 or newer?


  2. I don’t know if the Web browser is actually updated. I think they just removed the “Beta” label from it. Nobody’s reporting any noticeable differences.

    They’ve also added the ability to delete sideloaded documents directly from NOOK, rather than having to hook it back up to your computer.

    Inexplicably, they’ve removed “furthest read point” tracking. If you want to do a search from the start of the book you’re reading, you now need to set a bookmark in order to find your way back.

    I think that it should be noted that the new shelves all go away if the NOOK is unregistered. Unregistering is necessary to change the e-mail address on the B&N account, and sometimes to clear up a synchronization conflict between NOOK and the B&N servers.

    There have been some minor changes in handling of periodical subscriptions. For those without periodical subscriptions, NOOK will now make its automatic “check for new B&N content” every three days instead of every day. The wireless activity indicator chevrons (only used for 3G) are gone.

    There are numerous reports that the print is much sharper with 1.5, although with a quirk that when you first wake it up, you don’t get the sharper print until you turn the page.

    • Thanks for the hands-on info, Doug. I was hoping you’d let us know about the finer details of the update. If you ever want to write a review of the Nook with the new firmware I’m sure I could figure out some kind of method of remuneration :). It’s hard to keep all these reviews updated when everything keeps changing.

  3. Hm mmm…

    Strange, the sync function seemed to have worked the first time I used it but now it looks like it is not working.

    I read a book on my nook, I have the auto update ON, connected to WiFi. But when I go to my iTouch with the Nook App installed and connected to the same WiFi, the page is not syncing up. Anyone else having the same issue?

  4. Yes, major sync problems, for the pass week, totally lost all contents on 5 systems, “nookforpa” and “nook Study” and 2 days ago the nook ended up once again with “no items”, able to regain all books up to and including the 28th, any additional after that including this “Free Friday”, can’t be added with sync. And to top it off the nook my 2nd replacment went into zombieland this AM, replacement battery on it’s way. Sure glad my other 6 non-nook eReaders aren’t in this up and down cycle of working and not working.