Nook In Store Exclusive Content for December


If you own a Nook WiFi, Nook 3G, or the new Nook Color, you can take it to any Barnes and Noble retail location to access the free exclusive content listed below.

Just connect to B&N’s free WiFi and tap the “shop” icon to bring up the in-store promotions. Each week the “More in Store” is updated and each new feature is available on a rolling basis. Once you download the exclusive content to a Nook, it gets saved to your B&N library and can be accessed whenever you want.

The Barnes & Noble More in Store for Nook December line-up includes:

December 5

Why I Shout At The Computer Screen by Dean Koontz

Dean Koontz’s searing, page-turning tales of horror and suspense have been thrilling readers for decades. In this exclusive essay for Barnes & Noble, Koontz talks about the voices in his head – the characters who make his books so terrifying.

Escape with Joan Johnston to a Castle in Kent by Joan Johnston

Joan Johnston is the queen of romance. In anticipation of her fiftieth novel, she took a dream trip across England and invites Barnes & Noble readers along for the ride.

December 12

The Future of Innovation by Steven Johnson

Bestselling author Steven Johnson has changed the way many people think about culture and mass media in books like Everything Bad is Good For You and Where Good Ideas Come From. In this exclusive piece for Barnes & Noble readers, Johnson recommends some more books for great holiday reading, all on the future of innovation and creativity.

Never Abandoning Imagination by Tony diTerlizzi

New York Times bestselling author of The Search for WondLa talks exclusively for Barnes & Noble customers about how stories keep us going from childhood on.

December 19

Skewering Fairytales by Gregory Maguire

Gregory Maguire has a catalogue of New York Times bestselling novels and the genesis of hit Broadway musical Wicked under his belt. Now, Maguire has another hilarious, inventive, completely original novel and he’s written an exclusive piece for Barnes & Noble readers.

Gifts White People Like by Christian Lander

Gift-giving for white people doesn’t have to be all wailing and gnashing of teeth, explains the author of Stuff White People Like in this exclusive essay for Barnes & Noble readers.

December 26

Writing Mary Ann by Armistead Maupin

Bestselling author Armistead Maupin is widely known for his wonderful, humorous novels of life in a tight-knit and eccentric San Francisco building. In this exclusive essay for Barnes & Noble, Maupin discusses the return of one of his most troublesome characters: the delightful and difficult Mary Ann Singleton.

Must-Try Meals Across America by Robert Reid

Everyone needs a bucket list of food – delicious, regional meals you have to try. Lonely Planet takes a road trip across the U.S. for some scrumptious and sometimes disturbing meals exclusively for Barnes & Noble readers.

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