9″ Pandigital Novel Review and Video Walkthrough

9" Pandigital Novel Review

This is a quick note to mention that I posted the review for the 9″ Pandigital Novel today. It can be found on the Pandigital Novel Review page, along with a video walkthrough.

It’s a lot like the 7″ Pandigital Novel (white) from a software standpoint. The added hardware buttons and stylus are nice and so is the larger screen, but it does have its drawbacks.

Please feel free to post questions and comments below about the 9″ Pandigital Novel, or if you need some help with anything. Make sure to check the review for details about how to install apps.

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9 Responses to “9″ Pandigital Novel Review and Video Walkthrough”

  1. Your review has been helpful, but other issues have presented themselves since I found your review. I love the 9″ Pandigital Novel, but I have a couple of questions for you.

    1. When I go to a website, which is “bookmarked”, I keep getting a message that says something to the effect; “this certificate is not approved”. This goes back to a setting, but where do I go to change the setting and tell the ereader to approve it?
    2. Is there a place to look for what magazines or books are compatible with the Pandigital Novel? The reason for this question is the fact that I downloaded a magazine subscription from BN on 12/17/10 and then a couple of days ago saw the message that this magazine was not compatible with the Novel. The magazine was “Woman’s Day”
    3. I haven’t had any trouble downloading any games, but when I go to download a recommended app that goes along with
    Dolphin Browser, it won’t download. Can you help me with these questions?
    Many thanks! Patty L

    • There are a lot of minor issues involved with all these new Android ereaders and unfortunately I cannot answer most of them because they are problems I have not experienced myself. The best piece of advice I can give is trial and error and run some searches on Google. #1 – I use Dolphin so can’t answer. #2 – I think most magazines aren’t going to work and am not familiar with any compatibility lists. #3 – That’s because the apps for the Dolphin browser are trying to redirect to the Android Market and since the PN doesn’t have that it cannot redirect.

  2. I have a Pandigital white e-reader which I just purchased about 10 days ago and after setting up e-mails, photos, downloading software called in and was told that Barnes and Noble does not do magazines and newspapers anymore. I have a e-mail into the Customer Service dept. Maybe you were able to get magazines before but not now. My main purpose for purchasing this was just to read newspapers and magazines. This came about a month ago. Lucky for me I still have my receipt. I liked the price with all the discounts. Plus the Customer service was outstanding. I could understand the representative and they seemed quite knowledgeable.

  3. can you get other markets on the pandigital like android should be on there because its an android system let me know

  4. Hi! How do you delete the books that you have in your library to make room for another book. My pandigital says it is low on space..

    • I don’t know; it’s been a long time since I reviewed this model. Try holding down on a title to bring up additional options. If it has a file manager you could use that to go into the folder and delete stuff from there.

  5. Thanks for your response. Now the firmware, is there supposed to be updates or anything for this . I clicked on it and it says no supported files. Actully for alot of stuff on this Pandigital says “no supported files”. I can’t seem to do to much with it,it seems.

    • No there won’t be any more updates because Pandigital went bankrupt and is now out of business. This is an old dated model that was never very good to begin with, so yeah there isn’t a whole lot you can do with it.