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Tolino eReaders

New Tolino eBook Readers Released, Android Kobo Clones

The Tolino Alliance released a new lineup of ebook readers this week, and what’s interesting is they’re all Kobo clones but they run Android-based software instead of Kobo’s software. There’s the Tolino Page 2, a 6-inch entry-level model that appears to be a clone of the Kobo Aura 2, except it has 8GB of storage […]

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Xiaomi Moaan W7

New Xiaomi Moaan W7 with 10.3-inch E Ink Screen, Android 8.1 for $379

A new 10.3-inch ereader and Wacom notepad recently turned on Banggood called the Xiaomi Moaan W7. It’s been garnering some interest and some folks have been asking about it so let’s take a closer look. I think one of the reasons there’s some buzz surrounding the Xiaomi Moaan W7 is because the price is currently […]

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Note Pro vs Likebook Mimas

Onyx Boox Note Pro vs Likebook Mimas Comparison Review (Video)

Here’s a comparison review between the Likebook Mimas and the Onyx Note Pro. On the surface they are two very similar devices. Both have 10.3″ E Ink screens with adjustable frontlight color. Both run Android 6.0 and can install Android apps. Both have Wacom touchscreens for writing and drawing on the screen and annotating PDFs. […]

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Onyx Android

How to Enable Google Play App on Onyx Boox eReaders (Video)

Onyx’s ebook readers run Android 6.0 and have the ability to install apps from Google Play, but by default the Play Store app does not show up on Onyx’s ereaders until you enable it from the settings menu. However, enabling the app isn’t enough because it will just give an error message about the device […]

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New 10″ Acer Iconia One Tablet Available for Under $200

Acer recently released a new low-cost 10-inch Android tablet that looks like it could be good competition for the Fire HD 10. The latest Acer Iconia One 10 (model B3-A50FHD) is available for under $200, currently $191 at Amazon, and it’s one of the few 10-inch tablets with a full HD screen in that price […]

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Onyx Boox Nova

7.8″ Onyx Boox Nova and Nova Plus Details Revealed

Onyx is getting ready to release a new 7.8-inch ebook reader called the Onyx Boox Nova. It turns out there will be two different versions of it. The regular Nova has a frontlight and a capacitive touchscreen and the Nova Plus lacks the frontlight but it adds a Wacom touchscreen and stylus pen for writing […]

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ReLaunchX is a Handy Tool for Android E Ink eReaders

If you have an Android ebook reader that’s open to installing apps, one useful app worth checking out is ReLaunchX. It’s a free open-source app designed specifically for E Ink devices. It can be used as a file manager and as an alternate homescreen when you set it to work with the home button. It […]

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Using a Bluetooth Keyboard with Onyx Boox Kepler eReader (Video)

I came across a YouTube video that was recently uploaded showing one of the advantages of having an Android-powered ebook reader with Bluetooth. The video demonstrates using a text editor app and a Bluetooth keyboard to type documents on an Onyx Boox Kepler Pro, a new 6-inch ereader from Onyx. Using an E Ink device […]

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