Videos of the Pixel Qi Notion Ink Adam at CES


The Notion Ink Adam is on display at CES 2011 and a number of tech sites have posted hands-on videos and first impressions of the production model that’s getting set to ship to customers next week.

The Notion Ink Adam is one of the most anticipated tablets ever. One reason is because it is the first to use a new screen technology called Pixel Qi, a variation of LCD technology that is viewable in bright lighting conditions and is more energy efficient than regular LCD displays.

Pixel Qi (pronounced chee) looks to make a big impact in the field of e-reading in the upcoming months because of this. Make sure to watch the end of the first video at 4:05 to see the Pixel Qi screen outside in direct sunlight compared to the iPad’s screen. Here’s the Engadget article for their first impressions of the Adam.

The second video is from Liliputing’s hands-on with the Adam. It goes in depth with Eden (Adam’s UI) and demonstrates the Pixel Qi’s screen as well.

Pixel Qi Notion Ink Adam Videos at CES

4 Responses to “Videos of the Pixel Qi Notion Ink Adam at CES”

  1. Nate you are indeed GREAT!! I just knew you would be one of the first with a good article about the Adam. Thanks and nice to see you made the work for yourself to go to CES.

    I am so in the market NOW for a color device for reference materials that I was even considering a….shudder….16GB Wifi IpAD today…but I am MUCH better now…hehehe… 😉

  2. Can we install or use Kindle and B&N android apps (both) there?

    • Most certainly. I’ve seen the Kindle app on it. The Nook app should work, but it is one of the more difficult apps to install properly.