PressReader Released for Android with 1700 Newspaper Subscriptions


If you read a lot of newspapers then you might try checking out the new Android app called PressReader. There’s an app for the iPhone and iPad as well as Mac and PC computers.

With PressReader you can subscribe to over 1,700 full-content newspapers from 93 countries in 49 languages. Newspapers cost 99 cents per issue or $29.95 per month for unlimited subscriptions.

Here’s an excerpt of the press release that outlines the key features for the PressReader Android app:

  • Presentation of complete digital newspaper replicas, often before the print version is on newsstands
  • Automatic download of favorite newspapers for offline reading
  • Browse pages in full-page mode – even before completion of the download
  • Browsing of entire publications with one finger (including zoom, pan and scroll)
  • Fast navigation from article to article, and to a favorite section using the Table of Contents thumbnails
  • A rich graphics page view and, for individual news stories, an easy-to-read text view
  • Sharing of articles by email
  • On-demand narration of news stories

PressReader for Android Video Demo

2 Responses to “PressReader Released for Android with 1700 Newspaper Subscriptions”

  1. Hi Nathan,
    I habe just bought a small Android tablet & eReader (energy systems) but it doesn’t have the Android marketPlace, to get the PressReader for exemple.
    Do you know how to install the Android MarketPlace into an Android device.

    Thanks & KR

    • Installing the Android MarketPlace requires a hack for the specific device. Or you can install the Android Market Emulator on your computer and get apps that way. Described here. Sometimes you can find the APK install files by Googling them, but this one’s probably going to be harder to find since it’s so new.