Nook: Spotlight Pick and More In Store Offers for February

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Barnes and Noble released the February line-up for the More In Store promotion where Nook owners can download exclusive content each week by visiting a B&N retail store.

Barnes and Noble also announced the “Spotlight” pick for the month of February. This is a new promotion where they offer the first book in a series for $0.99.

February’s Spotlight pick is Baltimore Blues, the first book in Laura Lippman’s ‘Tess Monaghan’ series. It normally sells for $7.99. It has a 3.5 star rating over 14 reviews at B&N. Here’s the description:

Unemployed at twenty-nine, Tess Monaghan is willing to take any freelance job to pay the rent-including a bit of unorthodox snooping for her rowing buddy, Darryl “Rock” Paxton. In a city where someone is murdered almost every day, attorney Michael Abramowitz’s death should be just another statistic. But the slain lawyer’s notoriety-and his noontime trysts with Rock’s fiancée-make the case front page news…and points to Rock as the likely murderer. But trying to prove her friend’s innocence could prove costly to Tess.

As for the More In Store promotion, if you own any model of Nook ereader you can take it to a Barnes and Noble retail location to access the free exclusive content listed below by connecting to B&N’s free WiFi and tapping the “Shop” icon.

The Barnes & Noble “More in Store” February line-up includes:

February 5

The Year of the Book by Patti Smith

Patti Smith is an enormously influential singer/songwriter, a poet and a brilliant author. Her most recent book, the riveting account of her intense friendship with the artist and photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, won the National Book Award. In this exclusive essay for Barnes & Noble, Smith writes about the year that changed everything for her as a writer and about the books that got her there.

You Are Coded to Love by David Richo

Therapist and author David Richo is best known for his work, How to Be an Adult in Relationship. In his newest book, Daring to Trust, he tackles the all-important questions of trust and intimacy. In this ‘deleted scene,’ shared exclusively with NOOK customers, Richo gives his thoughts on love.

A Look Inside Linda’s Passions: Cowboys, Animals and Family by Linda Lael Miller

Who can resist a cowboy? Not Linda Lael Miller. In this exclusive piece for Barnes & Noble readers, the “First Lady of the West” writes about the inspiration behind her New York Times bestselling westerns and the cowboys who motivated them.

February 12

Tweets Between Legendary Lovers by Teresa Medeiros

Multiple New York Times bestselling author Teresa Medeiros is an extraordinary storyteller, best known for her sizzling prose, sexy romance and sparkling dialogue. In this piece, written exclusively for Barnes & Noble, Medeiros proves she’s got comedy covered too.

THE PLAYBOOK: Valentine’s Day Addendum by Matt Kuhn

“Suit up. Score chicks. Be awesome.” Matt Kuhn, a writer for the hit CBS show “How I Met Your Mother,” has some exclusive advice for Barnes & Noble readers this Valentine’s Day. Men – take notes. Women – you may want to avert your eyes!

February 19

The Seven-Thousand-Word Itch by Lauren Oliver

Lauren Oliver’s young adult books have been hailed for their creativity, emotional resonance, and flawed yet beautiful characters. In this exclusive essay for NOOK customers, Oliver talks about the writing life and her tricks for getting past writer’s block.

It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll (But I Like It) by Daniel Palmer

Daniel Palmer is not only the author of a phenomenal debut thriller novel; he’s also a talented musician. In this exclusive piece for Barnes & Noble, Palmer gives readers a glimpse at some early band names, inspirations and general rock ‘n roll from an author who’s taken the stage in more ways than one.

February 26

We Came to Observe You by Tim Dorsey

The book tour can be an author’s fondest dream and worst nightmare. Bestselling author Tim Dorsey shares his offbeat brand of humor exclusively with NOOK customers. In this all-too-true story, Dorsey shares what happens when you let an author loose in a bookstore and let readers loose on the author.

Meeting Katherine Hepburn by Liz Michalski

Liz Michalski’s haunting debut novel, Evenfall, stars the beautiful, willful, unlucky-in-love Murphy women. In this exclusive piece for Barnes & Noble readers, Michalski shares a story from her youth, when she crossed paths with a most extraordinary real-life star who captured her imagination and inspired her heroine.

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