Graphite Kindle DX on Sale This Week for $299

Kindle DX Sale

The Graphite Kindle DX is on sale this week for $299 from Best Buy, Staples, and possibly other Kindle retailers. That’s $80 off the regular price. This promotion is for in-store purchases only; Amazon’s online price is still $379, unfortunately.

The Kindle DX has a 9.7″ display and features the latest screen technology from E Ink called Pearl. It comes with 4GB of memory, gets up to 3 weeks of battery life, and has free 3G global wireless but no WiFi like the Kindle 3. It also lacks a lot of the refined features of the Kindle 3 as detailed in this Kindle DX vs Kindle 3 review.

Nevertheless, this is the lowest price the Graphite Kindle DX has ever been and is the first time a retailer has offered this kind of a sale on either Kindle.

With all the new tablets coming out and with the iPad 1 dropping as low as $299 this past week from Verizon and $399 from other stores, it makes you wonder how long the Kindle DX can survive at $379, even $299 for that matter.

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