PocketBook IQ Firmware Update – v2.0.5 (updated)

Pocketbook IQ

A new firmware update has been made available for the PocketBook IQ 701 today that adds some new features and fixes some bugs.

It doesn’t look like it’s the major update that was expected to add Adobe DRM support to PocketBook’s reading app and Android 2.2, but it does add text-to-speech and opens up more memory for apps, among other updates.

I haven’t tried this new version yet, but will install it over the weekend and write a review for it next week. I did happen to install the beta version yesterday and noticed that the interface seemed zippier. I tried TTS and it worked pretty well, although like TTS on the PocketBook 602, the pause between sentences and paragraphs is oddly long.

Here’s the link for the update for those that live in the US. The page includes the release notes and install instructions as well as the firmware download.

To download the update in other countries, visit PocketBook’s International website and then select your region and navigate to the update by selecting the device from the menu. The update varies by region.

The update will erase your IQ’s memory and apps so make sure to back everything up first. There are apps you can use for this, such as ES File Manager.

To install the update, download the file to your computer and then transfer it to the IQ’s memory card as is, don’t extract it. Make sure the IQ is powered off. With the memory card installed, power on the IQ while holding down the power button and volume + key at the same time.

Update: PocketBook quickly pulled version 2.0.5. There’s a new version now available from the link above, version 2.0.6.

Here are the release notes:

PB IQ 701 Release Notes 2.0.5


1. Interface new design(icons, wallpapers, themes);

1. Added TTS (Text to Speech) function. The function works for the text format files (EPUB, FB2, TXT, RTF, HTML, DOC, DOCX, FB2.ZIP).
To start function: Press Menu button in the reading mode>Text to Speech;
The configuration of function you can found Configuration > Text-to-speech
2. In the FB reader added the ability to opening the external links. Links opens in standard browser window;
3. Fulscreen page view (books in a graphical format). Page zoom out to the borders of the screen

1. Fixed small bugs of translation;
2. File manager. Added possibility to make the hidden system files and folders invisible;
3. Installation applications to the internal SD card;

1. Single volume on the device for all modes. adjustable volume buttons.
2. Added functionality to installing and removing installed packages. (including dictionaries and voice packages)

1. Added delay then user entering world to translate in dictionary. Search started after finished of entering.


1. The proposal to register the device will be available to users more frequently than every tenth turn on the device.
2. Fixed a random awakening of the device in the sleep mode.
3. Fixed display of date format (top screen), respectively, the device settings;
4. In this version you can move the file from SD-card to the internal memory;
5. In the library, “History” tab the Sort function is inactive;

1. Fixed crash the widget “BookLand” from the main menu (in time paging or change tabs);
2. Improved wiget “Statistics”;
3. File manager. The search function is worked correctly;
4. File manager. File OGG is not play on the device;
5. File manager. User can not created two archives in the folder – fixed;
6. Search function in “Favorites” tab is working correctly;
(in the previously version warning: “Sorry. Search (in the book shelf) is not responsible”;
7. When user open the books from the widget Last Open system don’t displays dialog box file association.
8. Fixed working with images in the Gallery:

  • Short pressing – open image
  • Long pressing – Zoom in/ zoom out;

1. Correct exit out of the book then you click on the “Back” button.
2. After removing books from the device, recalculation of the books working correctly.
3. Downloading from bookland.net.ua books is not opening – Fixed.
4. The fb2 books is not openes on device – fixed;
5. The toolbar “Search” is not enable in FB reader – fixed;
6. Setting “width” in FBreader for fb2 files is disabled. (This function is enabled only for the PDF files);
7. If user create notes the book in DjVu format is not displayed – fixed;
8. In previous versions, when user minimized the dictionary after opening the book, the book is closing- fixed;
9. After page zoom and activation “width” mode page is jumping – fixed
10. Incorrectly displays the book titles in the library (displays by the filename) – fixed.

9 Responses to “PocketBook IQ Firmware Update – v2.0.5 (updated)”

  1. 2.05 does NOT seem to be available. US site still shows 2.03 – same with UK site. Netherlands shows 2.05 but won’t download.

    Did they pull it?

  2. Nook 2.5 runs.
    Aldiko 2.x doesn’t. (Still android 2.0, of course.)

    • That stinks about Aldiko; it’s the best now that it has DRM support. FBReader is still good though. I like the new version with dictionary support.

  3. Coolreader 3 has gotten pretty good, too. It just added prc and docreader pdb support.

  4. Do not use they put it out and then removed it because it has bad problems. I put it on was told to go back to 2.0.3 and now pocekbook is locked up and I can;t install 2.0.3 I need a copy of 2.0.5 it try to unlock unit,

  5. The cleanest way to change firmware on the IQ is to install the 2.0.2 release, then install the one you want to stay with.
    Me, I haven’t had trouble with 2.0.5 so I’ll stay with it until they come out with the replacement.

  6. They better should come up with the Android 2.2 version as promised in the advertising when I bought the device so I can watch youtube clips on it and move apps to the SD card. Both things work perfectly with my HTC Phone that recently got the upgrade from Android 2.1 to 2.2

  7. everything u mentioned is possible with the current IQ version android 2.0, with easy tricks. First i recommend to install the android market, i ve done it with iq fw. 2.0.6 as well as 2.0.5
    just do exactly like the english thread said so:
    it is very easy and comfortabel to install.
    another nice advantage is to fake android 2.1 on the IQ and enable to install apps for 2.1 which normally refuse to install on the IQ, because of android 2.0.
    The trick is the edited line in the system/build.prop from ro.build. version . sdk = 5 to ro.build. version . sdk = 7 which stands for android 2.1
    The nice and easy market-installation does that for u.

    It is very easy to watch flash stuff in the web with the free app skyfire,
    after the installation u can enjoy flash stuff in your browser. if u open flash stuff in ur browser a open with dialog shows up to watch flash in skyfire.
    The same procedure is for youtupe.apk to enjoy youtube videos in ur browser.