Google eBooks Web Reader Gets Dictionary, Translate, and Search

Google announced today the addition of some new features to the Google eBooks Web Reader, which works with any modern web browser for reading Google eBooks online.

Users can now double-click a word within the Web Reader to look-up the word in the dictionary, translate it, and run searches within the book, on Google, or on Wikipedia. Additionally, users can double-click and drag to select multiple words to translate or search. There are multiple languages available for translation, from Afrikaans to Yiddish.

For the dictionary, clicking “define” pops-up a small window within the ebook with the definition from Google Dictionary. Google mentions that there is a small audio icon next to the word to hear the definition pronounced aloud, but I do not get that option for some reason. There’s also a link at the bottom of the definition to go to the full Google Dictionary page for additional information.

It’s worth noting that these new features only work in “Flowing Text” mode, not in “Scanned Pages” mode. Viewing the scanned version of an ebook isn’t available for all ebooks, just mostly classics. The option to change between scanned and flowing is in the settings menu.

Via: Inside Google eBooks

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