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Play Books Library

Share eBooks Using Google Play Family Library

If you get your ebooks and audiobooks from the Google Play Store, you may not know that you can share them with up to 5 family members using Google’s Family Library. Once you setup a Family Library, you can easily share purchased ebooks and audiobooks with selected family members, as well as apps, games, movies […]

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Google Audiobooks

Google Now Selling Audiobooks, Get 50% Off First Purchase

Today Google announced that they’ve added a new audiobook section to the Google Play Store. Plus they’re offering a bunch of best-selling titles for $10 or less to celebrate the launch of the new audiobook store, and you can also get 50% off your first purchase. Google’s audiobooks are being sold individually, with no option […]

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Google Search Library eBooks

Google Adds eBooks from Local Libraries to Search Results

There’s a story going around about how Google has started displaying ebooks from local libraries in Google search results. So far it’s kind of hit or miss which titles show the option. I had to run several searches of book titles before seeing the “Borrow eBook” section appear, and I was searching for ebooks that […]

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Too Bad Google Doesn’t Make a Dedicated E Ink eReader

I’ll admit, I often forget that Google sells ebooks. Sometimes I think Google forgets that too. They never seem to do any advertising or make any attempt whatsoever to gain visibility in the ebook space. Google’s ebook market share is reportedly only around 2% at best. That’s just crazy considering the fact that the Google […]

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Kobo Aura One

$5 Credit at Google Play Books; Kobo Aura One Returns

Here are a couple of ereading notes to parlay into a single post. First off, Google is running a promotion where you can get $5 off any ebook priced over $5. The credit is limited to one use per customer and is only valid in the United States. You have to redeem and use the […]

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Export Google Doc Files as ePub eBooks

How to Export Google Doc Files as ePub eBooks

Google added a new feature to Google Docs this past week that gives users the option to export their document files as ebooks in ePub format. Aside from Amazon and the Kindle, just about every ebook reader app and reading device supports ePub format. EPub has some obvious advantages over ebooks in PDF and other […]

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Night Light Play Books

Night Light: Google Adds New Blue Light Filter to Play Books App

Last week Amazon started rolling out a software update for Fire tablets that adds a new Blue Shade feature that filters blue light, and now Google is jumping on the anti blue light bandwagon too. Yesterday Google announced the addition of a new feature for the Google Play Books app called Night Light, which gradually […]

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Play Books Notes Google Drive

Google Play Books App Now Syncs Notes to Google Drive

Google has added a handy new feature to their Play Books app for Android and iOS that gives users the option to sync notes, highlights, and bookmarks to Google Drive. After you turn on the new notes saving feature in the Play Books settings menu, all your notes and highlights get organized into a Google […]

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