Nook WiFi eReader Now Selling for $99 New


Now that Barnes and Noble is getting set to announce a new Nook later this morning, they are unloading the E Ink Nook WiFi on eBay for $99 with free shipping, down from its usual price of $149.

Barnes and Noble typically sell refurbished ereaders on eBay, but these ones are labeled as “New”. They had previously been selling refurbished 3G models for $99, but the 3G models are no longer listed at all. They continue to offer refurbished Nook Colors for $225.

Additionally, select covers for the Nook WiFi and Nook 3G are marked down 75% off the list price at Barnes and Noble.

Logically this indicates a new E Ink Nook is going to be announced in a couple of hours instead of a new Color Nook. It will be interesting to see how the new Nook stands up to the Kobo Touch that was announced yesterday.

5 Responses to “Nook WiFi eReader Now Selling for $99 New”

  1. Another clue that the new model is the replacement for the Nook.

  2. Also a clue that the new Nook 2 will be a different enough form factor that the old covers and such won’t work.

  3. Well, the nook form factor was a huge loser from day one. Whoever approved that interface wasn’t thinking clearly. I’d be surprised if the new one did not use the NC’s form, why would you make a whole new product when you can just swap the screen and board? Anyway, the QC on my NC is far superior to the original nook, so they have shown that they can learn.

  4. My guess would be a similar interface to the NC, but smaller and eink, the “budget” model idea. I guess 6 inches and a plastic case.

  5. Yep, nice call John Ireland. $140 bucks, Wi Fi 6′ pearl. Black plastic.