Nook Touch Release Comes Early – Nook Touch Now Shipping

Nook Touch

Good news. If you pre-ordered a Nook Touch last week, you’ll likely be getting a shipping notice today if you already haven’t gotten one.

That’s right, the New Nook Touch is shipping a week and a half early. Original shipping estimates stated it would ship on June 10th, but B&N is surprising everyone by releasing it early.

In fact, if you head over to the Barnes and Noble website, the Nook Touch is listed as available now, pre-orders are gone.

B&N issued a press release stating that they had started shipping units yesterday, and that customers can visit one of Barnes & Noble’s more than 700 retail stores to test New Nook demo units beginning Thursday. Additionally, B&N states that stores will start having Nook Touches in-stock beginning this weekend.

5 Responses to “Nook Touch Release Comes Early – Nook Touch Now Shipping”

  1. I ordered one after unloading my Nook 3G. I was going to get the Pockebook 902 for reading PDFs and EPUBs, but I decided that there will probably be more 9.7s down the road closer to $300.

    • Get a shipping notice yet? They sent me an email yesterday saying that it was shipped but UPS still has no info on the tracking number. Express shipping my arse!

  2. Yeah, same thing except my notice came today. I was going to sign up for their book membership in order to get that express shipping but decided against. Of course, I am sure you want to do a review as fast as possible.

    • That’s strange. A couple hours later and now UPS suddenly shows it at a facility 30 minutes from my house. Weird thing is the delivery estimate is Saturday… Hopefully it shows up tomorrow since they don’t deliver on Saturdays, at least not usually.

  3. Yeah, mine showed up soon after. I get mine Tuesday.

    I also ordered the Pandigital eink reader today from Daily Steals. At $60 I figured what the hell. I can always unload it or my NOOK later on EBAY.