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FastMode & USB Sound ROM

Nook Simple Touch FastMode & USB Sound ROM (Video)

Earlier this week I came across a YouTube video showing a Nook Simple Touch running the latest and final version of the FastMode + USB Sound ROM. As the name implies, FastMode helps make the Nook refresh the E Ink screen faster—even fast enough to play videos—and USB Sound adds audio support to the Nook […]

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Best Inexpensive eReaders for Under $70

It’s amazing how cheap ebook readers and tablets have become over the past few years. Back in 2009 when the Kindle 2 was first released it sold for $369. If you think that’s bad, the Kindle DX used to retail for $489. Now it’s possible to get a good inexpensive, multi-functional ereader for as little […]

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Nook Touch Cm11

Devs Working on CM11 ROM (Android 4.4) for Nook Touch

It’s always good to see the Nook Touch still getting some attention from developers, even after four years since its initial release. A couple months ago I posted an article about the Nook Touch running Windows 95 and other emulators, along with the Impossible Game. Now developers are working on getting the Nook Touch (and […]

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Nook Touch Windows 95

Nook Touch Running Windows 95 and Other Crazy Emulators (Videos)

I like to keep an eye on YouTube for any interesting videos related to E Ink and ebook readers. The Nook Touch has been getting some attention lately. A reader recently uploaded a video showing it playing The Impossible Game. And now a Nook enthusiast that likes testing the Nook’s limits, Sean S, has uploaded […]

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Nook Game

Play The Impossible Game on Nook Simple Touch (Video)

This post is a few years too late to interest most people, but every once in awhile it’s fun to look back at older devices to see how people are using them now. Nooks aren’t very popular anymore. Barnes and Noble has done a lot to hurt the Nook brand in their quest to build […]

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Rooted Nook Glow

Tweaked Modded ROM for Nook Touch and Nook Touch GlowLight

Awhile ago I noticed over at XDA a new Tweaked Modded ROM for the Nook Touch and Nook Touch with GlowLight. I haven’t tried installing it yet, and was wondering what the usability differences are between it and the regular Nooter rooting package. The Tweaked Modded ROM is based off the Nook’s official 1.2.1 firmware, […]

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Nook Touch Market Search

How to Get an E Ink Tablet for $35

E Ink ebook readers have been on the decline for the past couple of years, and innovation has slowed to a crawl thanks to Amazon’s utter dominance of the ebook market. If you happen to live in Europe or parts of Asia there are lots of choices for ebook readers, but in the United States […]

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Kindle and Nook Cyber Monday Deals

Amazon and Barnes and Noble both have some good deals for Cyber Monday. The new 7″ Kindle Fire HDX is marked down by $50 and so is the Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight. I decided to post this Cyber Monday update because it’s been a few days since the last Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals post. […]

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