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Nook Touch Angry Birds

NookManager: Everything You Need to Root and Restore a Nook Touch or Nook Glow

A new tool called NookManager recently became available for rooting the Nook Touch and Nook Glow. It also includes ways to create backups and it can restore your Nook to factory settings, as well as disable B&N apps and install custom plugins. I haven’t tried NookManager myself because quite frankly both my Nook Touch and […]

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NST $39 deal

Get a New Nook Simple Touch for $39.00

Over the past few months, Barnes & Noble has been offering a lot of incentives to entice consumers to buy their new, old, and refurbished Nook devices, but the offer I received in my inbox today makes the others pale in comparison. From now until January 31st (or “while supplies last”), B&N is offering a […]

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Rooted Nook Glow

GlowNooter Updated to Root GlowLight Nook Touch with 1.2 Firmware

I noticed over at XDA this morning that the GlowNooter rooting package for the GlowLight Nook Touch was updated last week to work with the new 1.2.x firmware update that Barnes and Noble issued back in November. Ever since the 1.2 firmware update, GlowNooter would freeze up and not complete the rooting process. This is […]

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Nook Shop

Is the Barnes and Noble Nook an Endangered Species?

So the big news yesterday is that things are not going well for Barnes and Noble. They reported weak holiday sales and it’s not just hardcovers and paperbacks that aren’t selling well, it’s Nook devices and Nook ebooks. In fact Nook revenues fell 12.6% from last year’s holiday sales period. As if that’s not bad […]

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Nook Deals

B&N Permanently Drops Price of Nook Touch to $79

Barnes and Noble has decided to shave $20 off the price of the Nook Simple Touch as of tomorrow, December 9th, dropping the total expenditure down to just $79 plus tax. And it’s not a sale; the price is staying at $79. That’s a pretty good price considering it sold for almost double that ($139) […]

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Nook Software Update

Software Updates for Nook Touches and Nook HD Tablets

Barnes and Noble has started rolling out firmware updates for the Nook Simple Touch, GlowLight Nook Touch, and Nook HD and HD+ tablets. According to B&N, the software update is minor. In fact it’s so minor all they give as a description for the Nook Touch is, “The NOOK Simple Touch Ver1.2.0 update provides minor […]

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GlowLight Nook Touch

GlowLight Nook Touch Gets $20 Price Drop – Now $119

Witnessing the back and forth between Amazon and Barnes and Noble can be quite entertaining. This time around B&N is dropping the price of their GlowLight Nook Touch by $20, making it the same price as the Kindle Paperwhite. B&N also likes to point out in bold script that a power adapter is included at […]

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Nook Touch UK

Nook Touch and GlowLight Nook Now For Sale in the UK

Barnes and Noble is finally starting to roll out their expansion plans in the United Kingdom (better late than never). The Nook Touch and GlowLight Nook are both available for pre-order from several UK retailers, including Argos, Currys, Blackwell’s, and Foyles, among others. The Nook Touch sells for £79 and the GlowLight Nook sells for […]

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