GlowNooter Updated to Root GlowLight Nook Touch with 1.2 Firmware

Rooted Nook Glow

I noticed over at XDA this morning that the GlowNooter rooting package for the GlowLight Nook Touch was updated last week to work with the new 1.2.x firmware update that Barnes and Noble issued back in November.

Ever since the 1.2 firmware update, GlowNooter would freeze up and not complete the rooting process. This is fairly typical when it comes to firmware updates and rooting so it’s no big surprise.

Luckily the developer for the project, Gabrial Destruir, went ahead and took the time to update the rooting package for anyone who gets a GlowLight Nook Touch after the 1.2 update.

However, the rooting package for the regular Nook Touch, called TouchNooter, has not yet been updated for the 1.2 firmware. I’m not sure if it still needs testing or what. You can keep an eye on the TouchNooter thread at XDA. Gabrial notes that the GlowNooter fix may work on the regular Nook Touch too. The fix just uses a patched framework.jar file from the latest 1.2 update.

Development for the E Ink Nooks has really dropped off over the past six months but it’s good to see that fixes are still coming along when B&N unwittingly breaks things.

Check out my step-by-step directions for rooting the Nook Glow using GlowNooter if you want to try out the new updated rooting package.

8 Responses to “GlowNooter Updated to Root GlowLight Nook Touch with 1.2 Firmware”

  1. Dude,
    You can use that Glownooter on nook touch, if you have 1.2 installed on it.

  2. Have tried rooting my Nook GlowLight unsuccessfully. Well at least I haven’t bricked it yet. Am looking for a good set of instructions for rooting it with a Mac via Terminal. Rooted about a dozen Color Nooks with no problems but I must be leaving one step out somewhere while doing the Glowlight. On reboot it behaves like an unrooted Glowlight.

  3. Nathan,

    There is as well a new and much easier (specially for use) packgage for rooting, backup, restore, map keys, and much more for Nook and fw 1.2.x:

    NookManager – graphical rooter

    As well, there are new both official and modded CoolReader(s) to work better with 1.2.x fw and fast screen modes.


  4. which version of winimage should be used if the pc is
    windows 7 64 bit?