How to Root Nook Glow Using GlowNooter, Includes Google’s App Market

Nook Glow with GlowNooter

Welcome to another edition of the Nook Glow hacking guide, where you can take a stock Nook Touch with GlowLight and easily turn it into a functioning E Ink tablet, complete with access to Google’s appstore for apps. Plus the Nook’s regular B&N features continue to work just the same, even the GlowLight.

Earlier in the month I posted about rooting the Nook Glow with TinyNoot, a basic rooting package that doesn’t include Google apps. This time around we’ve got a Google-equipped GlowNooter rooting package thanks to the development community at XDA, and especially Gabrial Destruir for putting GlowNooter together.

If you are curious what exactly a rooted Nook Glow looks like and what the benefits are, check out this earlier post for a video walkthrough and review of a rooted Nook Touch with GlowLight.

GlowNooter is a lot like TouchNooter for the original Nook Touch. The main difference is the way to install it. This time around we need to use clockworkmod recovery to install the GlowNooter package instead of writing the image to a memory card like with TouchNooter.

Installing GlowNooter is really easy. Here is the original post and directions over at XDA. Below are my version of the install directions along with a video tutorial and some getting started tips.

Disclaimer: Follow these directions for rooting the Nook Glow at your own risk. If your Nook Glow breaks it is all on you, but breaking it is pretty much impossible if you make a backup first. If you already rooted with TinyNoot, you should restore back to stock before rooting with GlowNooter.

Rooting the Nook Glow with GlowNooter

Step #1: Create a Backup of Your Nook Glow

First things first, you should create a backup of your Nook Glow before you begin. That way you can revert back to its exact current state if something goes wrong or if you want to un-root in the future.

Nook Touch Backup and Restore Guide »

Step #2: Create a Clockwork Mod MicroSD Card

1. Download a clockworkmod recovery file from over at XDA to your computer and then extract it. Inside you’ll find an image file. I’m using a 2GB card so I used 2gb_clockwork-rc2.img.

2. Plug a microSD card into your computer. If your computer doesn’t have a card reader built-in you will need an sd card reader (don’t use your Nook!).

3. Write the clockworkmod image to a memory card. Use dd with Linux. For Windows, open WinImage as administrator and Select Disk > Restore Virtual Hard Disk image on physical drive. Select the microSD card from the list and hit OK. Now locate and select the clockwork-rc2.img file to open (make sure to select “All files” from the drop-down list to get img files to show up). After hitting Yes, WinImage will write CWM to the microSD card.

4. Once that’s finished, download the GlowNooter file and market fix and then place them on the root of the clockworkmod microSD card you just created; don’t extract the zip files, just drag them onto the memory card as is. (for 1.2.x firmware)

market fix (use this one for older 1.1.x firmware)

Step #3: How to Use Clockworkmod to Install GlowNooter

1. Power off your Nook Glow completely. Insert the clockworkmod memory card and power your Nook on. A clockworkmod logo will appear and then a menu. Here’s how the buttons work:

  • Left Page Buttons: BACK
  • Top Right Page Button: UP
  • Bottom Right Page Button: DOWN
  • “n” button: SELECT
  • Power Button: TOGGLE DISPLAY

2. Use the bottom right page button to move the cursor to “install zip from sdcard” and then press the “n” button to select.

3. Now select “choose zip from sdcard” and install the file first to root. Scroll down to Yes to confirm.

4. Once install is complete, pop out the memory card, then back out to the main menu. Now select to “reboot system now”. Your rooted Nook will boot; the first time will take longer than usual.

5. When greeted with an Android screen, tap the Android icon and then select to Skip sign in and continue on. Select to go to the ADW launcher when given the option.

6. From the Android homescreen, open the app drawer by pressing the center icon on the lower menu bar and then scroll right and launch the YouTube app. Hit menu, then “My Channel” to sign in with your Google account. Accept the permissions and then exit the YouTube app.

7. Launch the Gmail app. Hit menu and then Refresh to sync. Nothing seems to happen here, but that’s okay.

8. Power off your Nook Glow and proceed to the next step to fix the issues with the Android Market.

Step #4: Android Market Fix

1. Insert the clockworkmod microSD card back into your powered off Nook Glow.

2. Power on the Nook and do exactly as you did before with #2 and #3 above for step #3, but this time choose to install the file instead.

3. Once install is complete, remove the clockworkmod memory card and back out to the main menu to select “reboot system now”. You can now format the memory card back to normal because you won’t need it anymore.

4. Once your Nook boots up, launch the Android Market app, sign in with your Google account, and then your rooted Nook Glow should be good to go.

Step #5: Getting Started Tips

You’ll notice the Android Market search feature doesn’t work and neither does the included Opera Mini web browser. Here’s how to fix that:

1. Install Opera Mobile. Launch the Android Market, select Apps, then Communication, then Top Free. Use the Nook’s page buttons to scroll down. Select Opera Mobile and then choose to install it.

2. Install SearchMarket App. Launch the Opera Mobile browser and type “searchmarket app” into the Google search bar. The top listing will direct to AppBrain. Just tap the big install button and it will direct to the Android Market to install it.

3. Open the NookColor Tools app, uncheck and then re-check allow non-Market apps to install apps from outside the Google appstore.

4. Check out the video below for a visual walkthrough of this rooting guide and for some additional getting started tips…

Video Guide: Rooting a Nook Glow with GlowNooter

154 Responses to “How to Root Nook Glow Using GlowNooter, Includes Google’s App Market”

  1. I have quite a big problem. I attempted to do multitouch via clockwork mod but it seems to have hosed the glowlight controls completely and the restore image on this thread seems to be inaccessible. Any ideas?

    • So opera mobile is no longer in the top free apps. I ended up downloading uc browser and then going to appbrain to try and get search market. I click install and then it changes to “cancel install” so I assume it’s working but haven’t had an Icon appear yet.

  2. So I may have panicked and not checked the thread thoroughly.
    Turns out there was a dropbox mirror further in the thread. Sorry.

  3. Nathan
    Does multitouch work now, like pinch to zoom ?!

    How is this rooted gllight now compared to sony prs t1?
    Is nook any good with pdfs now?

    thank you

    • Joel, the multitouch hack for the NST doesn’t work with the GlowLight Nook, as Jesus figured out above. One has to be made specifically for the Nook Glow, apparently.

      I’d say a stock Sony is better than a stock Nook but a rooted Nook is better than a rooted Sony PRS-T1. There’s more development for the Nook and it is generally smoother from an operation standpoint.

      PDF support remains unchanged from the earlier Nook. Here’s the link to the Nook PDF review.

      Nookie, I haven’t heard or that before. You’d get more feedback by posting your question at XDA.

      • Back when I rooted my Glow, I did manage to get multitouch completely functioning. Try a Google search.

  4. Thank you. I got all the way through to Step #3 / 6. I signed into youtube and now the Nook is frozen in youtube and I cannot power down. How can I fix this?

  5. But the nook doesn’t have sound! 🙂
    That is a big minus…

  6. Hey, am I the only one who cannot create shortcuts (standard nor custom) on the home screen?

    Also, what happened to the Nook Touch Tools? I really miss the ability to change around the functions of the ‘n’ button menu…

  7. Could you try this android app?

    Pocket (formerly Read it later)
    I’d love to be able to use that
    To sync online media to read on
    E-ink later 🙂

    will you try it out for me?

    • Pocket isn’t going to work because they changed the operating system requirements to Android 2.2 when they changed it from Read it Later. The Nook runs Android 2.1. If you can track down an old version of the apk when it was Read it Later it might work.

      Another option is InstaFetch, which works with InstaPaper. It’s basically the same kind of thing. The developer left a comment a while back saying that he made it compatible with the Nooks, the Nook Touch included.

  8. Instafetch is good to.

    But pocket is great.
    Do you know if it works on sony prs t1?


  9. Can this process be accomplished using a Mac? No mention of Mac is made in Step 2.



    • I don’t use a Mac so I don’t know for sure, but I hear people referring to “dd” to write the image using a Mac.

    • You probably have already solved your problem, but for others:
      run command in terminal “diskutil list”
      Find which disk is your memory card – remember the number, you’ll enter it in next command
      It’s “sudo dd if=[path to the file]/2gb_clockwork-rc2.img of=/dev/disk[enter number of your card] bs=1m”
      Then enter your admin password.
      It takes quite a long time, that’s ok. 🙂

  10. The clockwork file is for 128mb or 2GB SD Cards. My card is 16GB. . . will it still work?
    I found a file called generic-sdcard-v1.3.img which is supposed to be for cards of any size but I don’t know if it is the same version. Any ideas?

    • Yeah, it’ll work on any card as long as it is larger than the clockwork file. It will shrink it to that size then you can reformat it back to 16GB when you are done.

  11. can you change what the n button does? e.g make the android menu appear?

    • There’s a hack to change the n button on the regular Nook Touch, but I don’t know if it’s compatible with the new Nook yet. You can find info on it at XDA.

  12. Nathan:

    So on step #2, do we need to overwrite the “META” and “setup” files in “glownooter” with the “META” and “setup” files in “market fix”? I’m confused, because the “meta” and “setup” files in the “glownooter” were modified more recently than the ones in the “market fix”. So….which files so we want to save onto the micro sd card?

    • You don’t have to do anything like that. You just put the zip files as is on the memory card and then continue on with the next steps. The market fix was done beforehand because it comes from the original Nook Touch.

  13. My nook seems to have frozen after installing the file and rebooting, it´s been 10 minutes and it still says “rebooting”, is that normal? Does it take that long to reboot? If not, what can I do?

    • No, it should only take a couple of minutes to boot. If you can’t get it to boot you’ll have to restore and start over, I’m afraid.

      • This same problem happened to me. The Nook is frozen and won’t power off so I can restore it. Any ideas?

        • I had the same issue too. All you have to do is hold the power button for a few seconds and the nook will reboot with the fix applied.

  14. I thought so, thanks! I will try again.

  15. I did everything above and when I tried to download the opera browser from the amazon app store, it just got stuck on “downloading 0%.” I tried rebooting, but nothing. Do I have to sideload everything? I can’t even get one of the basic file manager apps loaded to do sideloading because the download is stuck.

    Anyone have any ideas on how to kill a download? Task killer?

  16. Hi, it´s me again….so, I´m trying to restore my nook, but I can´t actually turn it off because it froze in the rebooting page, so how can I restore it? Everything was going smoothly until that last reboot and now the screen is frozen…..any ideas?

  17. Well, it seems the problem was my nook ran out of battery! I can´t believe it, I plugged it to my computer to see if anything would happen and voilá! I´m such a noob!

  18. Nathan – that was it! I forgot to put the card back in after I finished rooting. Thanks!

  19. Whenever I restart my Nook, none of the “root” screens show up. It’s like the Nook just ignores the SD card. I don’t see the clockwork menu either. Any suggestions as to how to fix this?

  20. Hi! Can I use this method for rooting my nook glowlight? I worry because I don’t know anything about rooting

  21. ashish awasthi July 22, 2012 at 5:08 am

    I have done all the parts given…at the end i am stuck in adding the google account…it says:”cant establish a reliable connection to the server.this could be a temporary problem or your phone may not be provisioned for data services”

  22. ashish awasthi July 22, 2012 at 1:02 pm

    I hailed from India and some how managed the inflated ruppees 9500 to purchase this reader.Since I am a student,my main intention was to to read pdfs and browse net.I figured out about my problem to some extent.It arised due to the fact that I am non US user.The work around is to install the android apps through my microsd card.But I would be needing a browser for that.And the opera mini is totally worthless to perform any operations.Please tell me install a filemanager on nook.It is becoming totally impossible for me..plz help…Thanku so much in advance…U guys are really doing a terrific job….

    • You should still be able to use the Google AppStore in India. I don’t see why not. It’s officially supported there isn’t it?

      Sometimes with the regular nook it had to wait 24 hours for market to work but the aforementioned fix should have taken care of that.

      Otherwise I don’t really know how to get apps on their since the built in browser stinks and the Opera one doesn’t usually work until you reinstall. I guess if you wanted you could maybe unzip the original rooting package and find where the apps are located and put new ones in there and then re-zip and re-root. But I’ve never tried that so I don’t know. You can also use ADB to push apps to the Nook but that’s a little over my head.

  23. ashish awasthi July 23, 2012 at 7:51 am

    Hi Nathan..Thnx for the help..I stuffed the apps in the original glownooter zip file in /data/app folder.I vaguely put some app.apk and IT WORKED…!!!Still not all of them worked,like opera mobile.But that may be because I used old.apk files.I am going to search for newer opera.apk.
    And the deal with google appstore is that it never letme register.It keeps on saying:”cant establish a reliable connection to the server.this could be a temporary problem or your phone may not be provisioned for data services””Any idea.
    Another question is: Can I use this glownooter micro Sd card to restore my nook to factory default,as there shows one option…..
    THNX for the help…

    • I haven’t encountered that problem before so couldn’t say. The last question, I never saw that so I don’t know what it is. I always restore with the aforementioned backup and restore method.

  24. Good morning,

    It works perfectly, however I have three questions:

    1- Is it possible to install Rom Manager on it?
    2- What version of rom is being used?
    3- Is it possible to update the ROM version? I had some problems with Aldiko app due to this.

    Thanks a lot!

    • I don’t think there would be much point because it’s not something that is updated often, mostly just when B&N borks it with a new firmware update. In fact it’s still on the initial version 1.5.26 when it was first released.

  25. ashish awasthi July 23, 2012 at 2:53 pm

    Hey Nathan…I am having a almost fully functional Nook…the way u intended it…:)thnx a lot for ur ingenious work..If not for ur rooting,I have never gone for Nook..So I think B&N owes you a lot..Now what ever I wish to install,I download it into my microSD and then browse it through BFile Explorer..One suggestion though.Please embed BFile explorer in your glownoot package so that there can always be a workaroud in case things dont work at all…take care..

    • I’m afraid your praise is misdirected. Read the second paragraph again. I had nothing to do with the rooting package except to make this guide to show how to install it :).

  26. Is there any reason why winimage doesn’t recognize my SD card as a physical drive?


  27. Hi nathan.. i have a problem. I do all steps on ur tutorial. All seems correct. But when i install opera it doesen’t appear the icon. The menu dock bar it dissapear and i can’t acces to the apps .. really don’t understand.

    Sorry for my english.

  28. Hey Nathan…How r u??
    any idea when the “pinch and zoom” stuff coming to play…..

    • I don’t know. I haven’t followed development on the Nook Glow much since this post. I know devs got multitouch working on the regular Nook Touch but I don’t know if the modifications were made to get it to work with the GlowLight Nook. You should be able to find something about it at XDA.

  29. Multitouch does work on Nook Glow (see e.g.

    So does norefresh and usb-host (I’m experiencing some problems with these, but it’s perhaps just my fault).

  30. I put wrote the CWM image on my micro sd card, put it in my nook, but I forgot to put the glownooter and market fix folders on the card. Can I just pull the card back out and add them, or will my nook brick?

  31. Hi, I’m Geovanny, I recently rooted my NookGlow, following this tutorial, I have a problem, I’m outside the U.S. and therefore I can not use Amazon apps market, so I wanted to ask what if there is any way to install applications (Opera ) in my NookGlow?

  32. how I can sign out of my account appStore amazon, because I have someone else’s data and I can not enter my account?

  33. Hey Nathan…hope u r doin good.
    Multitouch and NoRefresh has been released for nook glow.I was checking the xda website and couldnt understand a thing.Could u please tell us the simple steps to accomplish it…thnx in advance….have a great day…

  34. And one more thing..When I tried to uninstall some applications,it said “unable to uninstall”…these are those applications which came bundled with glownooter…How to remove them..thnx…

  35. Hey! I got a nook glow for my bday and want to root it. any starter tips?

  36. Hi
    I’ve read that Nook devices with version 1.4 or greter are CERTAINLY NOT ROOTABLE. Mine’s 1.1.5. Are ur root tips all-powerful and can turn my Nook into tablet or I’d better forget about it?

  37. Hey! Can I wipe my SD card after I save the backup on my computer so i can use the SD card for rooting? Thx!


  38. HELP ME!!! I did everything i was supposed to with the clockworkmod writing do the disk and everything, but IT WON’T WRITE!!! Please help so I can get this done!! 🙁

  39. Never mind… just finished rooting and it works PERFECTLY! 😉

  40. i couldn’t run nook shop after rooting.
    it keeps saying “Sorry, a problem has occurred. Please try again. ”
    Please help!!!

  41. Hi
    I have successfully rooted the nook glow. However I selected “home” rather than “ADW” with the box clicked in (after you start it first time – though as I would use it more). Any ideas how I get into the Android home screen now? or do I have to reinstall and re-root?


  42. So rooted Nook Glow w/o issue, but now how do I jump back and forth between Nook and Android homepages? Seems I need to restart to get to Android from Nook home screen.

    • Use the button savior app’s home button to get to the Android homescreen.

      • I have the same problem after choosing “Home” instead of ADW launcher. Button Saviour Home button returns me to “B&N Nook Home screen. Looks like I will have to flash back to my backup and do the root again.

        • Just re-root. That happened to me on the NST a while back, and instead of starting from scratch, I tried to just re-root. Worked great. Just make sure to not make the same mistake, or it’s going to be a long, repetitive night. ;P

  43. Great tutorial. But after downloading kindle 3.1 app (from freewarelovers) I get this error message on trying to open: “For security, your phone is set to block installation of applications not sourced in Android Market.” How to I change this setting for my nook glow?

  44. Works like a charm. Thanks!

  45. Where can I find the “No Refresh” App you refer to in the video?

    • Here’s the link to the post with the apk download at XDA. There might be a newer version somewhere else; I haven’t followed development on the Touch in long time.

  46. Hi Nathan! thanks so much for all the info about ereaders gathered here! Love your website!
    I have a request to make! My NTG is coming next week from US (I’m in Brazil) And on this post at XDA ( seems they’ve got how to manage the pinch to zoom stuff! Could you check it out and maybe (if it works for real) do a tutorial? Clearly, only if you have the time and the will to do it! Thanks a lot again!

    • It looks like that one is for the regular Nook Touch. Need to find the version for the Glowlight.

    • Reading further in that thread I guess it does work on the GlowLight, but unfortunately the install directions are a little too advanced for me. I’m not familiar enough with ADB to know how to use it.

      • Oh! Okay, anyway thanks a lot for the answer! Maybe I’ll try it for myself, I said maybe (fear of breaking it hahaha), and if it really works, I’ll let you know! 😉

  47. Hey. A total noob like me managed to do it by following the instruction in this post
    adb is just a client-server type communication program that you use to copy the kernel file from the computer to nook through internet. After you mount the kernel and reboot you are done. No other data is affected.
    Everything is noticeably faster, and multitouch and usbhost are enabled. The fastmode is superior to norefresh, too. It crashes sometimes though, so make sure you have a restore image.

  48. Thank you for this, Nate, you made it easy!

  49. Hey
    I rooted my new NSTGL following all of the instructions. It seems to work more or less properly after doing.
    But I am not able to enter the Googleplay or Androidmarket with the built in Browser. Opera doesn’t work and I have to enter one of the markets to get Opera and Marketsearch.
    Always if I am choosing th store-link the device goes back to the Android Home screen.
    Any Idea what I can do?
    Thanks an kind regrads from Switerland.

  50. Is this root also applicable on Nook GlowLight 1.2 software version? I have recently purchased Glowlight and the software version is 1.2.

  51. Hmmm – looks like you can’t root 1.2. I have just tried and totally bricked the device. It is stuck in the start up screen, ‘your NOOK is starting up’. Holding down the power button does nothing, nor does leaving it for 10 – 20 mins.

    Now really concerned that I won’t be able to restore it to original settings. Nathan, any ideas?

    • I have the same problem. After Step 3-4, the starting up message stays on for long long time. I left my device for all night and went to work. Came back still starting up the system.

      My Nook version is 1.2.0
      Model No. BNRV350

      Step 1 works. I managed to restore the system without any problem.

      I am looking forward to a version for Nook version 1.2.0.


      • Did you get it to work?

        • That comment is from a couple years ago so the person is unlikely going to respond. Just make sure to use the package for your firmware version; this comment was probably left before the new version was released for 1.2.x firmware. Both are listed in the directions.

  52. Hang on… spoke to soon. I have resurrected my device by holding the power button down for 20 sec seven times in a row (yes, trust me it worked) – this took the device back to version 1.15, which it was shipped with. The rooting then worked, but even with rooting the device didn’t seem to want to behave right (for example the ‘n’ button always bring up the nook library. I have therefore de-rooted it. I will wait until an updated version of the rooting software is made for newer versions of the nook-glow.

    oh well….

  53. Thanks a lot Duke for comments. Its better that I should wait for updated version…

  54. thanks all , I should wait for updated version…

  55. yeeep ! i see

  56. Thanks for sharing that, duke. Saved me a couple of minor heart attacks. Will wait & see if an updated version appears.

  57. The thing that I like best about doing this is that I can look at my email, Gmail, and the news without going to my little (retro) Palm treo 750 phone. Thanks Nathan

  58. I have not rooted my nook but simply updated it to the actual 1.2.1 official firmware. Since then, if I just let it lay around for about 2 days in sleep mode, it switches off, says it has to be charged because my nook´s battery charge is too low to power on… I think the new firmware is somehow fawlty.

  59. Thanks a lot for your blog ,

    he had save my new Nook , because first i have make a Backup via noogi , and then i have try to install the glownooter package from xda , but it look that my nook doesn´t like the root.
    All look normaly CWM, Start , Install write sucsess , but then the Display freece by starting Nook (Ive wait 15 Minutes ) .
    Luck that the restore via noogie goes simple . My version is 1.15 by in the USA .
    Have you an Tip whats go wrong . Must I clear (delete BN-Account) the Nook before i root him ?

    Ive you can , plese send me informations .
    (Sorry for my bad english)

    Thanks a lot

  60. Is it possible to find a factory NST+Glowlight firmware image? Looks like I killed my device and I did not make backup.

  61. Great tutorial- I followed the steps and quickly got my new glow nook with 1.2.0 rom rooted, with working market. I can install apps from google market. However, I cannot do much else. The tablet seems locked down tight. If I try to install apps from the sd card or from Amazon app store, I get an “out of space” error that says, “application name could not be installed. Free up some space and try again.” Application name is whatever app I am trying to install. Then I have the choice of cancel or manage applications to free up space. Furthermore, when I install an alternative keyboard from the market, I can install it but not use it as the keyboard setting in color nook tools only shows android keyboard. I have a google apps acct so I need to use login to get at email but the stock keyboard does not have a period when I try to enter my username at the gmail login prompt in Opera mobile browser. If I try to copy an apk to /system/app folder from ghost commander, I get a read only error. I have many rooted android devices and all of the above install methods work in them but not on this nook. What can I do install non google market apps?

    • Robert,
      Did you ever get past the ‘out of space’ error when trying to install an APK? (I have a Glownooted NST rev 1.2.1) I’d done ADB before but that computer died. Can we install non-market apk’s?

  62. I still cannot use amazon market but i can install apps using wireless adb. see:
    I have Kindle 3.1x installed and it works great as does opera mobile browser.

  63. Real thanks for your effort and article really helpful.

  64. I have found it easier to install apps from my computer using the web based store. Once you have registered your google account to the Google market app, the nook glow should show up as a “Phone” in web site when you sign in. Just search SearchMarket, Opera or Kindle and install to your glow by choosing “Send to” and pick “Phone” Make sure you have WiFi turned on. The app will be downloaded and installed on the glow. Google should let you install any app that is compatible. I have installed Dropbox, File Manager and Dolphin Browser this way.

  65. Robert,

    Once you have installed “File Manager” from the store you can place the apk file in a folder on you glow using the USB connection to your computer or Dropbox or place the apk file on a micro SD card and put that in your glow. Use File Manager to find your apk and select it. It should run and install.

    Be sure to open the NookColor Tools app, uncheck and then re-check allow non-Market apps to install apps from outside the Google appstore.

  66. Hi gang,

    Hoping someone can help me out here.

    I’ve burned my sd card and installed the glownooter pkg without problem. The system reboots and I’m greated by the Android home screen and prompted to register, etc. Every time after accepting the GPS position/ info page the Nook restarts and becomes frozen and flashed on the “NOOK by Barnes and Noble” page.

    I’ve tried restoring to 1.1 by using the clockwork mod pkg and then reinstalling the glownooter and SAME PROBLEM!

    Anyone else had this issue or have a suggestion? Thanks much!


  67. Hi! It seems perfect instructions. I succeeded to see the Android main screen! 😎
    However I cannot login the youtube with my google account. 🙁 It repeatedly asks for ID & password. ANy ideas? I’d appreciate any help! 🙂

    P.S. Initial firmware version on my Nook was 1.1.5 (so I used for rooting)

    Waiting. Thank you))

    • If you are using google 2 step verification, you will need to generate an application specific password.

  68. After Step 3 Item 4. I do not get the android screen. Instead I must choose a language, then connect to wifi, then an error message saying “we’re having trouble setting up your nook, please shut down the device and try again. The only opion available is to power off or reset – only for the same results. Any ideas?

  69. I have the same problem as Declan.
    Rooting went through smoothly.
    I was checking the settings then it just rebooted.

    Now all I get is the ‘we are having trouble setting up your nook, shutdown or restart’

    Can anyone help??

  70. So far so good with the installation, but I got stuck when trying to install Opera Mobile. After selecting Top Free and scrolling down, there is no Opera Mobile, only Opera Mini is available (there were about 5 pages of different communication apps available). I tried Opera Mini, but that didn’t work.

    Also, is there a way to get back to ADW after pressing home without powering off?


    • Don’t know why Opera Mobile doesn’t show up, but I was able to install it from my PC. Just went to google play and installed it to my phone. (Didn’t work the first time, but might be because I wasn’t in android mode on my nook the first time).

      Also found out how to get back to ADW by using the tiny button on the right of the screen (It was on your excellent video all the time, I just missed it).


  71. Tried to install the NoRefresher on my Nook Glowlight with GlowNooter 1.12.25, but all versions (NoRefreshToggle.apk and
    NoRefreshToggle-debug2.apk ) do not work.

    Have you tried that?

    • I had it going at one point but I don’t remember the specifics because it was over a year ago now. It may have been the Nook Touch. For some reason development really dropped off shortly after the Nook Glow was released.

  72. Hi Nathan, i have question about pdf files. How to read pdf scan on nook glow, I root my nook but still is same problem. I can read pdf but is to small. Maybe u know what to do?

    • Yeah, get a tablet :). There’s not much that can be done to make large PDFs display well on a 6″ screen. You can install various PDF apps to add functionality and more zooming options, or you can try converting the PDFs to a more ereader friendly format, but neither solution is likely to work very well for scanned PDFs on a 6″ screen.

  73. i h’ve rooted my nook glowlight succesfully thanx nathan for such helpful tutorial but i got the problem nook is not connecting to internet even wifi in settings is showing connected to internet.simple browser or search url do not work but shop is working fine.plz help

  74. now i h’ve restored the backup image file still my nook is not even browsing shop which it was first time and settings showing connected to internet with wifi rooter i h’ve even reboot it two times and re-establish rooter but still problm persists…!is there any way i can browse web plz help me.

    • Sorry but I can’t really help with this kind of thing. I don’t know what the problem could be. I don’t recall hearing that issue before. It’s been many months since I even turned on my Nook Glow.

      • is there any way i can put ezreader and coolreader at the time of rooting without using web browsing and adb.

        • I think maybe the other rooting method called NookManger has CoolReader ready to go, but I might be thinking of the package for the Sony Readers instead. EzPDF, if that’s what you mean, is a paid app so that ain’t happening.

  75. Instructions say to download a clockworkmod recovery file from over at XDA .
    How do you do this? It’s a zip file that needs a password. There is a reference to a QR code, but I have no idea what to do with that.

  76. I have a glowlight running 1.2.1. I used NookManager and it works very well. I got Opera and the market no problem. Only problem I have is my home screen is an ugly file directory. I wanted to have a nice clean desktop view like on any tablet.

    Did I miss something? Do I have to use GlowNooter to get the clean desktop view so I can drop and drop apps? I hope not because everything else is great. Also why does it only look to my SD card? How do I get access to the internal memory. Thanks for any help.

    • You can download a launcher like ADW to get It’so look and work like an android tablet and ADW even has a couple of e-ink friendly themes for it.

    • Hi Rakuus, hope you’ll be able to reply to this post. I just bought a Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight (this has the MicroSD slot) and will get in a couple of days. Can I use NookManager to root this too and still have the Glowlight function working for all the apps /ereaders I put in? I currently have a Nook Simple Touch (without glowlight) rooted with NookManager and I totally love it. I figured I’d better buy the NST Glowlight before it disappears and in case my Nook Simple Touch breaks down on me.

      • Yes the light still works. I used NookManager on my Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight and my light still works just fine.

        • If that’s the case then I’m not going to worry then when I root the NST with Glowlight when it comes. Thank you LJ for the answer!

  77. Mark Heptonstall January 24, 2014 at 12:56 pm

    Great guide, very well explained. Any other solution to browsing and searching appstore? Opera Mobile doesn’t appear anymore on top free. How else can marketsearch app be added?

  78. Hi,
    I’m a newbie and managed to follow your instructions to root my Nook which seemed to go fine, my only problem is the reason i got it was so that I could sync my Google Books, to read on my tablet, phone and Nook. I can’t seem to get Google Books to work. Can you please help!!!!
    Sorry if this is something that I’ve missed earlier.

  79. I should have said on my earlier post, its my sideloaded books that I want to sync, not any that have been purchased. Although I’m not even getting the option to see my library, to see uploaded or purchased.

    • Sorry but I can’t recall ever using Google Play Books on the Nook Touch so I’m afraid I can’t offer any advice.

  80. hello need you help, the youtube app won’t launch, nothing seems to happen when i try to open it

  81. If you are having problems with using the market on this app, as long as you have run market fix and the market will open – you cna go to the website, login with your google account, select the app you want and select your nook. For me it showed up as “phone” but clearly wasn’t my other two devices. Then in a few seconds I saw it download on my nook and then I was able to open.

  82. Hi,
    Just finished rooting my Nook Glow following your instructions and everything went like a dream.

    One thing I want to do now is install a different reader app, Moon or Aldiko seem interesting. I’ve downloaded both of these to my PC and I notice that they’re both .apk files.

    What’s the procedure for installing these on my Nook? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  83. Thanks Nathan, so when you mention ‘a file manager’ is that already on the rooted Nook now? Or is Dropbox on it? If not, how do I get it on the Nook to then install the other apps?

    • Sorry, but I don’t remember the details. It’s been over two years since I rooted a Nook. I think root explorer is on there but can’t remember for sure.

  84. Please Help me guys
    I did root my Nook Simple Touch Glow light with the Touch Nooter version…

    Then It shows me a window telling me that I must reboot the system when it “flash blacks”
    In never does..
    so I did a HUGE mistake, since it was no a root for NSTGlowlight

    then I try to reboot with Glow nooter.. but I seems it did’nt work either…

    Anyone that can help me out, pretty pretty please??
    I know i did mess up.. but, is there any way I can fix it?

    Thanks… T.T

  85. Now when I turn it on..

    It just cycles with the loading window of nook.. (the one with five dots)… and it just load and load with the glowlight on..
    And it doesn’t go any further..

  86. Hi tx a lot!

    one question, how to switch from classic nook menu to android? by now I reboot but maybe it’s possibile in other way…

  87. hi, I am trying to root a bnrv350. i am able to download the clockwork files, but there are cannot be located using winimage (can find them otherwise).

    do i have to extract the files first?

  88. seems I was able to root, but there is no opera browser???

  89. basically, all im looking for is a pdf reader/viewer.

  90. Can I use the NookManager to root the Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight (has Microsd ) and still have the Glowlight feature for all the apps/readers I put in? I have a rooted Nook Simple Touch and I love it. It was rooted with NookManager. I hope someone can let me know before I do it. I don’t want to lose the glow function.

  91. At the XDA forum they have two options: either or
    I have a 16GB micro sd card. Should I use it? If yes, which one of these files should I get for it? If not, does that mean that I am going to necessarily need either a 2GB or 128GB card?

    • The 16GB card will work fine. It just needs to be the same size or larger than the clockworkmod. Either will do the job. You might need to format the card afterward to get back the full size.

  92. Thx. for the answer Nathan!
    I finished all the process and none of the internet preloaded browsers work even though I am able to connect to the internet and get to the B&N bookstore or Amazon appstore which doesn’t let me log in with the same credentials that I log in from my pc. I also am unable to remove any of the apps that came preinstalled (I wanted to delete some that are useles on this device like google talk, music, galery etc.). It tells me “Uninstall not successful”. What can be wrong?

    • Sorry but it’s been like 3 years since I’ve done any of this. I can’t remember the details. It’s pretty standard not being able to uninstall preloaded apps through normal methods. It used to require scrolling through apps at Google to find the Opera Mobile browser that works. Never had problems with the Amazon appstore on the Nook, but then again I haven’t used it either for a few years. Folks at XDA can probably help more than I can.

  93. hello, i have done everything step by step, but when i open market app, there is no comunication and no opera browser, i’ll try to downalod iota rider with other internet browser but when i wright something it’s close 🙁 please help and tell me what can i do?

  94. I did everything but for some reason I can’t go to the app store, it says that cannot connect to server, can someone help?

  95. YouTube not accepting gmail account :S

    Can’t move forward from this point 🙁