Get a New Nook Simple Touch for $39.00

NST $39 deal

Over the past few months, Barnes & Noble has been offering a lot of incentives to entice consumers to buy their new, old, and refurbished Nook devices, but the offer I received in my inbox today makes the others pale in comparison.

From now until January 31st (or “while supplies last”), B&N is offering a $30 gift card with the purchase of a new Nook Simple Touch eReader, provided that you pay with your MasterCard. On top of this, if you have been enrolled in the B&N Member Program since at least the beginning of 2012, you will get another $10 membership discount, making the total cost a measly $39.00 before tax. This is the lowest price I have ever seen for the Nook Simple Touch, and an incredible deal for a solid (and rootable) touchscreen E Ink eReader. If you aren’t eligible for the extra $10 off, $49.00 is still a bottom-dollar price. That’s what they were selling them for on Black Friday.

This also might be the last chance for you to use your Nook discount benefit as a B&N Member. In the past, Members were entitled to an automatic $10 discount on Nook eReaders and a $20 discount on Nook tablets. Unfortunately, once your membership renews this year, that privilege is over. B&N is already selling these devices at cost, and with the way things have been going, they just can’t afford  to hand out this perk anymore. As long as you signed up before they rescinded this offer, your discount is good until the next renew date.

Some things I love about the NST are its physical page turn buttons, Best Text font rendering technology, Adobe DRM ePub support, and microSD card slot. At $40, you really can’t go wrong here.

8 Responses to “Get a New Nook Simple Touch for $39.00”

  1. Link, please? I can’t find this deal anywhere.

  2. Yeah it seems like a great deal, but what can you use the gift card on? I’m at the site right now and about to purchase one…
    Then I read:

    “Customers who complete their purchase between Friday January 25, 2013 at 12:00 AM EST and Friday February 1, 2013 at 2:59 AM EST using a valid account will receive their $30.00 eGift Card on or before February 21, 2013 delivered via email to the address associated with your BN.Com account.”

    So if I buy one now I’ll end up paying the whole $79 and receive a gift card sometime in February…
    I don’t know… I’m one the wall on this one. If they would take it right off this purchase I click on the buy button right now!

    • Hey thanks for catching that Bob! Looks like they will send you a gift card whenever they feel like it.

      Back when it first came out, I waited almost two months to get my 100 free B&N classics that came with the purchase of a NST.

  3. Andrew, I was one click away from buying.
    I already have one and liked the form factor better than the others I’ve used.
    If bought, I would’ve used the new one to read and root the older one to Android; something I didn’t want to try and have it bricked. I have rooted other devices before but liked the Nook so much…
    I’ll look elsewhere for a Nook, maybe refurbished 🙂

  4. If you buy from a B&N brick and mortar then you get the gift card immediately. I checked and they wouldn’t let me use the gift card to pay for a second one but I’m sure I can find something in B&N that I’d like.

    I’m just about to root it now; what could go wrong? Famous last words…

    • Not a whole lot, actually… the NST is close to impossible to brick. Even “bricked” tablets can be recovered using a downloadable factory image from the web. Do yourself a favor and perform a full backup first. That way, you already have that “oh-crap” image handy. Other than that, follow the directions for your rooting package of choice EXACTLY, and all should go swimmingly.