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New Updated Nook Touch Shows up at FCC; Nook HD on Sale for $69

Yesterday what appears to be an updated Nook Touch turned up on the FCC website. Details are very sparse at this point, but at least it’s good to finally see some conformation that there is indeed a new Nook ereader in the works after all. Barnes and Noble has hinted as much in recent months, […]

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Nook Touch on Sale for $59, Nook Glow for $79

Barnes and Noble is offering a sale on their E Ink Nook ebook readers for what feels like the hundredth time. This is about as low as the prices have gotten, though, so they are definitely worth considering. Both Nooks are marked down by $20 at B&N.com and in Barnes and Noble retail stores until […]

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Nooks On Sale Again – Up to $30 Off

Barnes and Noble is running another sale on Nook ereaders and the Nook HD tablet this week (the HD+ is left out of this round of deals). The pricing breaks down as follows: Nook Touch – $59 ($20 off) Nook Touch with Glowlight – $79 ($20 off) Nook HD 8GB – $109 ($20 off) Nook […]

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Nook Touch UK

B&N Cuts Price of Nook Glow to $99; Nook Touch on Sale for $49

Yesterday Barnes and Noble announced a new lower price on the Nook Glow ebook reader. When it was first released the Nook Glow sold for $139. Then when Amazon unleashed the Kindle Paperwhite on the world for $119, B&N matched the price. Now Barnes and Noble is cutting another $20 off the price to make […]

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Nook Shop

B&N is Leaving the Nook Tablet Business, But Will Continue to Make Nook eReaders

Barnes and Noble announced some changes moving forward with the Nook brand today with the release of their fourth-quarter and full-year earnings report. Losses were greater than expected, so B&N is making some changes. Barnes and Noble has decided to stop making new Nook tablets, and instead will focus on partnering with other manufactures to […]

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Glowlight Nook Simple Touch

Is B&N Going to Release a New GlowLight Nook Touch Soon?

Unlike most companies that like to release new ereaders in the fall before the busy holiday shopping season, Barnes and Noble tends to release new E Ink Nooks in the spring. In fact the GlowLight Nook Touch was officially announced exactly one year and one week ago from tomorrow. But unlike last year, there are […]

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Obligatory Nook News Post

Barnes and Noble’s marketing department is trying extra hard to get everyone’s attention this past week. In such cases I usually ignore them because I find it excruciatingly annoying when every tech website keeps posting the exact same stories regurgitating whatever a company’s marketing department tells them to like mindless parrots. But things like this […]

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Waterproof eBook Reader

Video of a Waterproof eBook Reader – A Modified Nook Touch

Now here’s an interesting concept that will catch the eye of anyone who likes to read in the bathtub, hot tub, or other watery location that is normally a hazard to any book or ereading gadget. I just came across a video on YouTube that shows a functioning ebook reader that is completely submerged under […]

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