Review: New Nook Simple Touch Reader

New Nook Touch Review

Since Barnes and Noble started shipping the new Nook earlier than expected, and thanks to express shipping, I was able to get the Nook Touch review and video walkthrough finished over the weekend.

I’ll also be posting some comparison reviews and videos of the Nook Touch versus the Kindle 3, Sony Readers, and Nook Color. So stay tuned for more.

Feel free to ask any questions about the new Nook below and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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2 Responses to “Review: New Nook Simple Touch Reader”

  1. Thank you for this review!

  2. “”Caecilia, Malabar, Amasis, Gill Sans, Helvetica Neue, and Trebuchet”

    I wonder how decisions are reached regarding the font types to include. Another thing I read from time to time is that you need a license to use certain font type in ebooks. It is rather confusing, including how fonts are created and who creates them.