Ereader Sales and Deals; eBook Discount Codes; Free Kindle Books

Kindle Special Offers

First, the ebook discount codes. hasn’t been issuing very many discount codes lately, but here are a couple that are valid until July 15th. Kobodollaroff: $1 off non-agency ebooks. June20off: 20% off non-agency ebooks.

Use coupon code categorysalecp for 20% off at on the following subjects: Body Mind & Spirit, Travel, Law, Poetry, and Mathematics.

Now for the free Kindle eBooks. Amazon has about 60 vook ebooks available for free for a limited time. Lots of educational material, several about golf. Also, Amazon is still running their Sunshine Deals ebook sale.

Now for the eReader sales and deals. These prices are as of Monday, June 13th.

6 Responses to “Ereader Sales and Deals; eBook Discount Codes; Free Kindle Books”

  1. Looks like the Kobo codes are good for only one purchase, or one purchase per day. Will see what happens tomorrow. Thanks for the heads-up! I’m pleased with my purchase!

  2. “Sony Daily Edition is marked down to $199 at some Best Buy stores.”

    They were out of stock at the Best Buys near me, and they won’t be getting anymore.

    Hopefully this means they will be coming out with a new model soon.

  3. some sony ereaders (i think the 300) have been at 99 at walmart for months.

  4. I am glad Rena left her comment and I clicked on it, because I just bought the Sony 350 from Borders, and I was almost going to buy it from BestBuy for $20 more until I saw the link above.

    This one I won’t keep either, but will use it as a gift.

    • Yeah, that’s a great deal on the 350. I found it like a day after this post was first published so it got added late. But there’s an even better deal coming June 22nd. I’ve got some inside info that the refurbished 950 is going to be available for $129 with a discount code! I’ll post about it Wednesday morning when it happens. In my eyes, this most definitely means a new Sony Reader is coming very soon.

  5. Damn. Glad I sent back the refurbished Sony 950 I bought from the SonyStyle Store for $239. There is a lot to like about it, but I still wouldn’t want to use it as a pdf reader,unless I knew I could do text reflow on all my pdfs. I am thinking of buying the Onxy 91m, but still waiting on more reviews. You probably saw the one recently uploaded to Youtube that mentioned the IR sensor problem.