Free Nook Books: $79 Worth of Barnes and Noble Classics

Barnes and Noble has twenty of their classic ebooks available for free that normally cost $3.99 each (these aren’t run-of-the-mill public domain ebooks; these are nicely formatted and include introductions, endnotes, footnotes, notes about the author, etc). In fact all of them are double-listed and are still selling for $3.99 on other pages.

It appears that B&N has switched these particular titles from their original PDB format into EPUB so they will work with B&N’s newer ebook readers that no longer support B&N’s old format. Unfortunately they still have DRM so they will only work with Nook devices and Nook apps, not other EPUB ebook readers (I checked since it turns out that B&N’s newspaper and magazines don’t have DRM).

Note: These probably won’t stay free for long so make sure to check the price before hitting the buy button.

Barnes & Noble Classics


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