How to Videos for Sony Reader Wi-Fi PRS-T1

Reader Wi-fi White

Below are four how to videos for the new Sony Reader Wi-Fi that were posted on the SONYHowto YouTube Channel.

These videos are pretty basic but at least give a sneak peek at some of the new features. But first, I’ve also included this fifth YouTube video taken at IFA showing a little how the 2 column mode works for PDFs. The demonstrator specifically states that the new Sony Reader is not running Android, but I’m not buying it. The new menus and icon boxes look too Android-like to be a coincidence.

2 Column PDF Mode

Changing Font Types and Font Sizes

This video gives a quick look at how changing font sizes and types works on the Reader Wi-Fi. There are eight different font sizes. The font types list is cut off in the video, but you can see five of the six options: Amasis, Verdana, Univers Next, Really No 2, and Palatino nova.

Looking up Words

The Reader Wi-Fi comes with twelve dictionaries, two English language, one British and one American, and ten translation (to and from French, German, Spanish, Dutch, and Italian).

Features Overview

This video is more of a marketing pitch but shows a quick look at the web browser at about the 1:20 mark. That’s it in the still picture, showing a Wikipedia entry.

Setting up Wi-Fi

This video is kind of pointless. It doesn’t actually show anything about setting up Wi-Fi. But here it is anyway…

2 Responses to “How to Videos for Sony Reader Wi-Fi PRS-T1”

  1. hi Nathan..& everyone

    As you had mentioned a couple of months back… there it is.. the new Sony ereader.
    All in all looks like a very solid product.
    I am really really! .. curious about that Android OS ‘hidden’ feature.

    However, there’s no word out of a bigger size screen model.. is there?

    Guess one’s got to compromise and stick with either the Asus or the Boox M90.. lame contenders..

    (Asus announced a new 8″ ereader for October though).

    • Yeah, I guess they are just going with the 6-inch model this year. Which would be okay if they still sold the 350 and 950, but both have completely disappeared from Sony’s website, and many retailers (the 950 anyway, the 350 is still readily available). New 8″ Asus ereader in October? Haven’t heard anything on that.