Sony Reader PRS-T1 up for Pre-Order at Newegg, Release Date October 2nd

Sony PRS-T1

I just happened to notice that Newegg has all three colors of the new Sony Reader WiFi up for pre-order, including the so-called Pottermore Edition.

As expected, they are selling for the price of $149, and come with free shipping. This is the first retailer to start selling the new Reader Wi-Fi, but not the first to list it.

The black model also shows up at B&H. It’s been there for several days now, but isn’t up for pre-order yet; instead you can sign up to be notified when it is available. Sony doesn’t even have a product page for the PRS-T1 on their website yet, just this place-holder page that for some reason has different pictures than it did a week ago.

The Newegg listing also reveals a release date of October 2nd for the new Sony Reader. Sony hadn’t mentioned any specific release date yet, just that it would be available in October. If the Newegg info is accurate, we won’t have to wait very long into October at least.

One interesting detail, if you want to get the Pottermore Edition that comes with the free Harry Potter ebook, the first book in the series, you have to buy the black model because it’s the only one that comes with the voucher. Why they decided to punish Harry Potter fans who want a white or red ereader instead is anyone’s guess. Sony does the strangest things sometimes.

15 Responses to “Sony Reader PRS-T1 up for Pre-Order at Newegg, Release Date October 2nd”

  1. I wonder if the PRS-350 and PRS-650 (used, new or refurbished) will drop in prices on EBAY or elsewhere once this model releases.

    • Actually it might be the exact opposite now that they’re no longer being made. But there seems to be more 350’s so maybe those will go down in price. The 650 is ridiculous. It’s $325 at Amazon right now. $100 mark up. I don’t see how anyone would ever pay that.

  2. I think it is kind of shame they have stopped making the 5″ size. I find the compact size is ideal for fitting in some of my front shirt pockets as well as pockets on some of my cargo pants. Looks like only Pocketbook is the only one that still makes that size which reads EPUBs. I suppose for many people, their smartphone or IPOD serves that same purpose.

    • A lot of people really like the 7-inch Sony Readers too. Now there won’t be any with that screen size anymore. One side effect of all the price drops is that there’s an increasing lack of choices. Color e ink ereaders need to start bringing some new flavors to the scene.

  3. Does anyone knows what the price will be for Canadians?
    I’m thinking of selling my 650 and buying a T1. If the price is right, that is.

  4. Future Shop here in Canada is listing it at $169.99

  5. This ereader has some pretty nice features. Just when I’ve kind of decided on which one to get I see something else and I start to change my mind, again, lol.

  6. PRS-350 and PRS-650 are being sold by Canada Best Buy: refurbished ($149.99 and $179.99) and new $199.95 and $249.99). It is the last opportunity to buy them. I doubt if the price will fall more than that in Canada; maybe just the pink PRS-350 that they have lots in stock. PRS-T1 can be pre-ordered by $ 169.99 at the same place.

  7. Funny that the T1 seems to arrive earlier in Canada than in the US. On Canada Best Buy website, you can pre-order T1 and it is said that T1 is scheduled to arrive in the warehouse on Oct 2nd. Whereas on the US Best Buy, nothing about it. Odd…

  8. Please add my vote for a new Sony with a 7 inch screen. I can see why the 5 inch screen might get discontinued, but the larger screen let’s you read more information and the 7 inch screen size is popular with many tablets. I’m glad I got my 950SC and the other nice feature is the dual memory card slots that will be missed as well. The improved speed and web browser would have been nice.

  9. Will they sell the T1 in Europe?

  10. Hi Nathan, Me again. So now after reading your this post i am confused again. Should i get Nook touch or wait T1 to release or just get prs350.
    why don’t you pick and i’ll go with it. (but it should work with Aaaaaaaaall the ebooks. And who knows better than you that there are alot of ebooks. plz reply.


    • If I were you I’d wait to see how the new Sony PRS-T1 turns out. I should have a review posted in about 2 weeks or so, provided it ships on time.