PocketBook Pro 912 and PocketBook Pro 612


Earlier in the month at IFA, PocketBook announced two new ebook readers, the PocketBook Pro 912 and PocketBook Pro 612, in addition to the A10 Android Gingerbread tablet.

Both new PocketBook ereaders are going to replace the PocketBook 903 and 603 that were never released in North America because PocketBook couldn’t work out the 3G wireless feature with any wireless carriers. The 903 and 603 will continue to be sold in Europe, however.

Aside from the lack of 3G, the PocketBook 912 and 612 will be the same as the 903 and 603, meaning they have the same feature-set and use Wacom touchscreens, unlike the PocketBook 902 and 602, which are pretty much exactly the same too, but don’t have touchscreens. Confused yet? Me too.

Here’s the specs for the new models:

  • PocketBook 912: 9.7″ E Ink Vizplex screen
  • PocketBook 612: 6″ E Ink Vizplex screen
  • Wacom Penabled touchscreen
  • CPU: 533 MHz, 256 MB Ram
  • Wireless: WiFi (802.11 b/g) + BlueTooth
  • 2GB memory
  • Micro SD
  • Notes, highlighting, bookmarks, dictionaries, search
  • Text-to-Speech
  • Headphone jack, 2 speakers
  • Audio player
  • Accelerometer
  • Battery life: 7000 pages
  • Replaceable battery

There’s no word yet on pricing or availability, but they should be arriving before the end of the year.


2 Responses to “PocketBook Pro 912 and PocketBook Pro 612”

  1. It will probably be gone by the time every wakes up but today’s woot is a good one for somebody looking for a mixed used ereader.


  2. they will official replace 602 and 902. the prices will be lower of the 603 and 903.

    i am recently a beta-tester of the 2.1.2 beta2 FW for 903, which now allow to highlight text and handwritten notes to PDF for Adobe Reader and handwritten notes only for the pdf viewer

    very nice is the task-list at the bootom, right next to the battera symbol to open a list to fast switch between the recent book and the book you open perhaps before.

    i like the new feature to got a page preview, when i use to goToPage feature, even when i enter a page-number and still in the pageGoTo-window the page will be full paged blend in in the background in a fast preview-quality on the fly, which is very usefull in a lot of pdf-computer books, reference books etc. because a pdf-reader will count pages from page one but in a pdf-book the official page-count will start after the table of content, hence there is a page offset. the new page-preview greatly helps to find
    the correct page.