Black Sony Reader Wi-Fi Now In Stock and Shipping

Reader Wifi Black

The black Sony Reader Wi-Fi is now officially “in stock” at and has just started shipping today (I just got my shipping notice!).

The red and white models, however, have been pushed back to an October 16th release. They were initially listed as being available on October 2nd, the black model was too, so hopefully those that pre-ordered one early got a shipping notice today too or will be getting one soon.

I also ordered a lighted cover but that hasn’t shipped yet. You’d think that they would come together in the same box, but apparently not.

Unfortunately it looks very much like Sony is going blunder the launch of the Reader Wi-Fi quite fantastically by not having enough stock to go around. The same thing happened last year so I guess it shouldn’t be surprising. Hopefully they’ll at least manage to have some available for Christmas this year.

The Sony Store in Canada had the Reader Wi-Fi up for pre-order for awhile, but now it’s been demoted to “Notify Me”. The UK Sony Store has all three up for pre-order now, but no release date is given. Newegg can’t decide if they have any in stock or not, the models available seem to fluctuate each day.

And what ever happened to the Pottermore Edition? The black Reader Wi-Fi was supposed to come with a voucher to download the first Harry Potter ebook for free, but now there’s no longer any mention of it anywhere on any of the websites. Newegg initially sold the Pottermore Edition, but now their listing says nothing of it either. If Sony was smart, they’d give the voucher to everyone who orders a Reader Wi-Fi, but that’s a big if.

Update: That figures. Shorty after posting this article the black Reader Wi-Fi went back to pre-order for an October 2nd release :(. It looks like Sony is going to prove my botched release theory to be true.

16 Responses to “Black Sony Reader Wi-Fi Now In Stock and Shipping”

  1. Can’t wait for your review! really curios!

  2. Ditto! Nathan, do you think Sony will ultimately release a 7 inch screen model? Books that are formatted for 6 by 9 fit real nice into this screen size.

    • I think it is certainly possible that Sony could release another model since they had a delayed release of one last year, but you never know with Sony. They make good products but whoever makes decisions over there has their head up their arse, that’s very apparent.

  3. Why they used shiny plastic for the frame? Do they know that the device must be held against light?

  4. How you doing, Nathan?!

    1. How much will this retail for in the U.S.

    2. What does one of the previous commenters mean by saying it has to be held against the light? Isn’t it e-ink?

    Thank you, kindly!

    • They are $149 in the US. Hit the small sony prs-t1 link below the article for all the older articles about it.

      A lot of people are concerned about the reflective-looking paint job, especially when you have a reading light on it. I don’t know, doesn’t really look a big deal to me.

  5. I read a comment someplace where a person complained about the reflection from his PRS-350 due to its shiny bezel. He resolved the problem by placing a piece of black tape along the offending edges. I use a black silicon skin on my PRS-350 which covers up most the edges, not that I really had a problem from glare.

  6. HI just got a shipment delayed email from Sony . Ordered Black reader on 9-23 with a ship date of 9-26. Email states that is has been delayed until 10-16-11.

    Well we will see what the Amazon Press conference will be about at 10.00 EST this morning.

    • Make sure it’s not the cover. Lots of people are getting delayed shipment orders, me included, but it is for the cover not the Reader.

  7. Nathan no unfortunately I did not order a cover on the same order. Weird because Sony website still states “ships by Oct 2nd”. We will see.

  8. Nathan. Just got my shipping notice. Delivery by Tuesday. Did you ever get your reader???

    • Yes, but not from Sony. They are complete morons and I will never order anything from their website again. I stopped by Target this morning and picked one up; I’m testing it out right now.

  9. cool did Target have cases yet ??? Please let me know how the touch page turn is. Is it like the kobo touch and iPad where you can just tap a spot or do you actually have to swipe like the prs350 which i do not care for.

    Thanks again.

  10. That’s cool Nathan . Checked my Target here in Philly and one in Jersey but no Sony’s . Should get mine by Tuesday. Also just pre-ordered a Fire.