Sales and Deals: $99 Sony PRS-T1, $49 7″ Tablet, and More


Christmas is drawing near so the deals keep rolling in. Just a couple of days ago I posted about the Sony PRS-T1 being on sale for as low as $114, but that deal is gone and a better one has taken its place.

The Sony PRS-T1 can be had for just $99 from Amazon through J&R. That is one seriously good deal. I’d have no problems choosing the Sony Reader over the Nook Touch and Kindle Touch at that price because it is more advanced than both of those.

Dell has the lighted cover for the PRS-T1 for $35. They don’t indicate that it is on sale, but it sells for $49 from everywhere else. It doesn’t ship for 3-5 weeks, however.

Office Depot has a good deal on a 10″ Android Honeycomb tablet. They are selling the Lenovo IdeaPad K1 for $299. It comes with 32GB of memory, a Tegra 2 dual core processor, micro SD card slot, HDMI port, front and rear facing cameras, and all the perks of a high-end Honeycomb tablet.

There’s this 7″ Android tablet on sale for $49 on eBay through 1saleaday. It is from Panimage and is refurbished. I’ve never used nor seen any of Panimage’s tablets in person. There’s a good chance it is a piece of junk, but hey, it’s only $49.

Newegg has the Aluratek Libre Pro ebook reader on sale for $49 with code EMCJHKD26. This offer ends on December 12th.

And if you missed it earlier in the week. Kobo is selling the refurbished Kobo Wifi ebook reader for $39 with free shipping.

Update: The PRS-T1 deal initially linked to but they quickly jacked the price back up so I changed the link to another $99 deal. Also, the Kobo WiFi is no longer available.

14 Responses to “Sales and Deals: $99 Sony PRS-T1, $49 7″ Tablet, and More”

  1. These deals are fantastic. Thanks for sharing them. The only reason for these deals seem to be increased sales. More folks are buying the eReaders and this justifies these really low prices. Even among tech savy people I know, there is still quite a bit of resistance to eReaders. If this barrier is overcome slowly, this will help reduce eReader prices due to high volume. Seems that this is happening. Also, mp3 player sales are in decline. So, those with money to spend may be drawn towards the eReader via word of mouth suggestion from their buddies etc.,

  2. Hey Nathan~
    Thanks for sharing the good deals!
    BTW, I just received my $69 Kobo Touch (The one you advertised to be on sale).
    Guess what? It has no special offer at all. I didn’t see any ads or anything.
    Thank you again!

  3. Deals must not have lasted long, the Sony PRS-T1 is now $119.99 after discount on Dell and the Kobo Wi-Fi is listed as $49.99 at Kobo. Still pretty good deals, thanks for the info.

  4. has the PRS-T1 for $119. Did the sale end already or is there a coupon code? I must be missing something.

  5. Video review of Panimage Tablet. Same as Flytouch and MayLong apparently. Was running Android 1.6 as of Jan 2011, so who knows if it has been updated.. Can be rooted with a custom ROM apparently. Probably not worth it, even at $50.

  6. There is a reason these things are getting dirt cheap. Check out the $99 Android 4.0 tablet!

  7. Above site is impressive. But not many prefer a color tablet for eReading, specially with a low battery life. This is proved by the increased sales of the B/W eReader and Dell increasing its price soon. The $99 is a strategic price and once the price of a new eReader drops below this point, a lot of folks can be expected to jump in.

    • Thanks for the link. It says they have them on sale until December 24th too. I bet they sell out before then, though, at that price. I can’t believe they already cut $50 off the price since its release.

  8. I went to Amazon and did a search on the Sony PRS T1 and it now shows the retail list price as $129 and the Sony website shows the $99 price as a $30 instant discount until Dec 24. I’m wondering if Sony has unofficially lowered the price to $129 from $149 which would make some sense considering the price war that is going on in the marketplace.

  9. Wow amazing. This eReader price war is like fighter planes in a Dog fight. It appears that there are more factors than meets the common eye. Can the economy issues that we see in Europe etc., also be affecting these prices ? If so, we should see such price drops in other products also in the future. Time will tell.

  10. The red PRS-T1 on Amazon from J&R is still $99 + $3 shipping.

    Good dead, just need to finish up Christmas shopping quick so I can justify spending Amazon credit on myself.