Pandigital SuperNova: How To Install Android Market and Google Apps (Video)

Pandigital SuperNova

A reader sent in a tip about the Pandigital SuperNova and how easy it is to install the Android Market and Google apps, no rooting or hacking needed.

The Pandigital SuperNova is an 8″ Android tablet much like the Pandigital Nova that I reviewed and rooted several months back. The SuperNova is the better unit with its superior feature-set. It has a capacitive touchscreen instead of resistive, Bluetooth, and it has a faster processor—1 GHz opposed to 800 MHz.

Aside from the upgrades, the two units are pretty much identical. The SuperNova has an 8″ screen with a resolution of 800 x 600. It comes with 4GB of memory, 512MB of RAM, a microSD card slot, WiFi, front and rear facing cameras, a speaker, microphone, and micro-HDMI port. It runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread and ties in with the Barnes and Noble ebookstore.

How to Install Android Market on Pandigital Supernova

I don’t own a Pandigital SuperNova and can’t speak from personal experience, but the video below describes how to install the Android Market on the SuperNova and the process looks pretty straightforward and simple.

All the directions can be found under the description for this YouTube video. Basically, it goes like this (use these directions at your own risk):

  1. Download this G Tablet zip file.
  2. Use the SuperNova’s ES File Explorer app to navigate to the downloaded G Tablet zip file and then long-press it to extract it.
  3. Open the G Tablet folder and then the app folder. Install the apps in exactly this order:
    • Onetime initializer
    • Setup wizard
    • Google services framework
    • Gmail
    • Talk
    • Maps
    • Market (Vending.apk)
  4. Don’t open the Android Market after installing or hit done. Immediately power off the Pandigital SuperNova and restart.
  5. Upon restart, select to use the launcher as the default. Open the Android Market and setup your account. That’s it!

Pandigital SuperNova Android Market Video Tutorial


46 Responses to “Pandigital SuperNova: How To Install Android Market and Google Apps (Video)”

  1. So far so good. Installed flawlessly without any problem thus far. Previous installed apps seem to be working ok as well. Thx.

  2. Hey, i am having trouble with the android market. It is very limited. When i search for apps, it will only show a few but say i have a lot more results ex 298 results. Evrything has else been working, but the getjar market has more apps than this one. Thanks!

  3. if you are only getting a few apps in the market, go into settings, manage apps, market, and clear data, then reboot.

    worked for me on my supernova.

  4. Thanks…but it still did not work. I cleared the date and powered off my supernova and still the same….shows a few out of hundreds of results. I noticed the version is old for the market. Do you know of any updates? This is getting frustrating bc its a great device but becoming limited.

  5. I’m having the same problem. I know that the market was recently updated with Google, so I’m assuming that this would need an update as well. I hope whoever made this can update it for us. I really want Pandora… 🙁


  6. I have the same problem: market installed but showing smaller set of applications for Pandigital compared to my LG Optimus V phone. The problem existed before the market update so it is not related to that. My gut feeling, it has something to do with the screen resolution, the device is reporting to market, making market think some applications won’t work on it. In many cases I sideloaded the applications and they worked anyways, but some applications can’t be found at 3rd party sites or the developer site because the developer was stupid enough to upload them only on the market, even the free version of the app.

  7. I got a Pantigital SuperNova because it said that it will work to use Skype but it dosen’t. How can I get Skype to work on my new Tablet? If I can’t have Skype working I will need to return this unit and fine one that will.

  8. Agree with some of the above. Works great, I installed on two of the PDs (one for each of my kids). The only issue i see is the app store saying finding 200 apps but only list 15 or so.
    Additionally when i did a search for a app i know is on the market (have it downloaded on my phone) it does not find it.
    I did clear the cache and data in app. manager and that worked when i went back in to perform a search, but when I tried to conduct a second search it reverted back to the issue of saying 200 apps but only listing 15.
    Great job otherwise. Would be interested to see what the updates are going to be now that Google has gone to the Google Play application.
    Keep us posted.

  9. Im having trouble transferring ebooks from computer to Supernova Panadigital. Tried transferring to the Zinio and Kindle folders shows up on the computer as being in the folder yet when I open panadigital, books are not recognized when I opened the zinio or kindle folders. What did I do wrong. Im very frustrated.

    • I don’t understand what you would be transferring into the Zinio folder since you have to download the magazines from them. The Kindle app supports side loading if it’s a supported format but it would be easier to just email them or use Send to Kindle to send them directly from your computer.

  10. Does this work on the pandigital ereader ?

  11. Thanks nathan it has worked smoothly for a month now but i still dont get full access to android market. Google play is the same way do u know how to get full access to all apps

  12. I have bought a book & it says i have to download it from my nook library & i am unable to do that.. can anyone help?

  13. Market wont open

  14. Can someone help market is installed but it wont open it goes back 2 the home

  15. I searched the es file explorer on my device and i didnt find the g tablet file. I even used the searcg baf and that still didnt work can i get some advice please

  16. It works but when I upgrade to Google Play it crashes when downloading apps Im guessing the apk needs to be rooted and put into system/apps but its read only so can’t copy over.
    any help?

  17. After installing this stuff, I found my home key no longer did anything (except light up the LEDs under the keys). For fun, I also tried running the setup wizard, and it would not recognize tapping the little Android. No biggie; all I did was a factory reset and I got my home key back. I had also heard your video about rooting, about going into recovery mode again and flashing the firmware. However…my stock FW is 12152011, and that’s not available via Pandigital’s server. hmmmm…I have to wonder if I downloaded one of those earlier FWs and used that instead, I wonder if everything’ll be “good.” I would think it’d just run its updater, see that 12152011 is out there, and download and update.

    I have to think that losing the home key is related to that disambiguation between Launcher and Setup Wizard. I can’t see for sure, because I don’t have ADB, but I’ll bet home is now programmed to run something other than Launcher…hence it doesn’t work.

    Sigh…it’s the tablet hacker’s life, having to re-set up things over and over because some things will only be undone with a factory reset.

  18. Good job. Thanks to you I was able to access the Google Play store on my SuperNova with no problem. However, I did have to Clear Data on the Market app (as recommended in another comment) before it showed me more than a limited selection of apps. Thanks!

  19. kerri, after entering the “ES File Explorer” go into the “PD_Unive…” file then into “Download” file, that is where i found it

  20. I already have a Google account. I followed steps to set up Google Marketplace & everything seemed to work just as indicated. However, now when I try to access the new Market Place app or any other app it wants me to sign in. Ok, so I do , but it won’t recognize my account. Thanks in advance for any help.

  21. This worked PERFECTLY!!!! Thank you so much I was so scared I couldn’t get my Gmail and Gtalk on here! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!!!!

  22. Installing all this worked for my android tablet but when I open the market and try to resgister an account to open it, it won’t let me. It regects any account I try to create to get it started.


  23. Iam having problems with both of PANDIGITAL note books that i bout for my kids. The whole charger get loose after 5 days that i bout it iam very upset because i thought it was going to be very useful technology. what can i do to fix the problem ? where can i can take it ? after the whole charger is not working i have not use it after that. can i take it to the company is far from ,Bronx New York City ? where can i take it or send it please infor me. i have couple of months with this problem. PLEASE HELP !

  24. Were you able to use Google Play to download APPs?

    Or just use the Market APP on the Pandigital Supernova?

    I have installed the APP successfully. I see another device has been installed when I go to Google Play, but I am not able to download any APPs from Google Play to the device.

  25. I did this, and found that I needed to uninstall the google camera app (which did not function). The original camera app was still fully functional.
    I managed to download the newest Kindle app, which was the primary purpose for the effort. The version of Kindle for Android which was installed would not accept “user documents”.
    Good job – and thanks.

  26. I have followed the instructions and it appears that everything installed. When I try to launch the market, it tries to launch the Android Market Terms of Service for a few seconds then comes up with an error message “An error has occurred. Please try again later”. It is as if it cannot find the Web page that it is looking for. Any ideas?

  27. me too Tinman

  28. MarkL and Tinman: go into settings, applications, manage applications, market and clear data and cache, then reboot. Next time you log in, it will force you to re-agree to the TOS and should work.

  29. I am having the same problem with the terms of service. I tried the solution of clearing dada and cache but it still did not work. I would just be happy to get past the terms of service even if I didn’t have the full set of apps as others are complaining about.

  30. Not sure why my comment was deleted, but I am having the same problem with the android market terms of service. Tried clearing data and cache but it didn’t work?

  31. worked perfectly…I just went to this page on my tablet and downloaded the zip directly….so easy!


  33. is it possible to install G Tablet zip file on Pandigital Nova (Not SuperNova)?


  34. Ive downloaded the market but everytime i open it goes to terms and service opening browser. How do you get past this point? Ive tried clearing data and cache but did not work. Ive ninstalled and reinstalled multiple times now and still going to same screen. Please help.

  35. I have the same problem as Abel. Anyone know what to do? I select Google Play but it just takes me back to the google play website where it says no device with the account. I can’t get to any apps at all.

  36. I installed everything perfectly fine, but I can’t get into the Android Market, as it is saying I need to sign into my Google Account. I’ve been trying to do this for the past 45 minutes, but I can’t log in because it can’t establish a reliable data connection to the server. I’ve gotten the same when I was trying to create a new account. Help?

  37. i have done it and all worked great except the vender instal wont install

  38. keeps force closing
    saying (process ) has stopped

  39. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Ok guys i know how to install knewest version of google play store but in order to install it and use it you need to have the newest framework and then you install google play store….i suggest you look at a working android phone with google play to see the newest version then install google play and you can download apps….remember you have to manaully update the google servivces framework and the google play store!!!! 🙂

  41. Destiny Cedano July 23, 2014 at 6:16 pm

    Awesome it worked the first time!!!! 🙂 but is there anyway i can update the store to google play?

  42. I keep trying to access the android market but it says “I must add an account to my device before I continue.” What does this mean?

  43. My car radio died and I can’t afford the $400 the dealer wants to rebuild it and reinstall it. Is there an app I can use to download am/fm radio and use it instead? I’ve had this SuperNova DLX for a couple of years and haven’t used it. I thought this might be a good use for it. Anyone have an idea about it? Thanks!

    • There are tons of radio apps on Google Play, just run a search. TuneIn Radio is a popular choice. But your going to need internet access to use them in the car.