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Pandigital SuperNova

Pandigital SuperNova: How To Install Android Market and Google Apps (Video)

A reader sent in a tip about the Pandigital SuperNova and how easy it is to install the Android Market and Google apps, no rooting or hacking needed. The Pandigital SuperNova is an 8″ Android tablet much like the Pandigital Nova that I reviewed and rooted several months back. The SuperNova is the better unit […]

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Pandigital Super Nova

Pandigital Super Nova Shows Up for $219, has 8″ Capacitive Screen and Android 2.3

Best Buy recently put up a page for the Pandigital Super Nova. It isn’t for sale just yet, but more details about it have come to light. As you would expect from the name, the Super Nova is pretty much a beefed-up version of the Pandigital Nova, which I just recently reviewed and rooted. The […]

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