Comparison Review: New iPad vs Asus Transformer

iPad 3 vs Asus Transformer

Yesterday I put together this iPad 3 vs Asus Transformer Comparison Review. It includes some pictures, screenshots, and an HD video.

I’ll admit that comparing the new iPad with the Transformer 1 instead of one of the newer Transformers is rather odd at first glance, but the operating system, Android 4.0, is the same, and so are 95% of the features.

And since Android 4.0 is mostly the same on other tablets too, the review can also be referenced as an iPad 3 vs Android 4.0 tablet review for the most part.

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2 Responses to “Comparison Review: New iPad vs Asus Transformer”

  1. Not sure this is a fair comparison – two different generations… Just sayin’ 🙂

  2. I agreed. The only ipad3 is getting a lot of props but it is clearly operated in my opinion. Retina display is oly applicable unless you are a gamer or doing production.

    Android offers more variety and this was not clearly articulated in the comparison..