Nook Touch Lids – I Want One

Nook Touch Lid

I often look at my Nook Touch and now the Nook Glow and think about how something like a specially-designed Tupperware lid would be a perfect solution to keep the screen protected.

For a long time I’ve been waiting for someone to come out with a lid for the Nook Touch but it just never happens, at least none that I’ve ever come across.

Aside from the hard plastic shell cover for the PocketBook 360, I’ve never seen such a thing for an ereader, but with the Nook Touch’s unique design a lid would be perfect.

Using a cover destroys the whole feel of the Nook Touch with its contoured back and soft velvety finish. Plus a cover adds extra thickness and weight to the device.

I just want something to protect the screen from dirt and damage when not in use. And with the Nook’s unique design, a lid would be perfect to snap on over the front.

Too bad there aren’t any Nook-shaped Tupperware containers, at least there aren’t any I can find. But then again that’s not an easy thing to search for.

So what do you think? Would you buy a lid for your Nook Touch?

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  1. Yeah, would actually love to see a magnetic solution (like the smart covers for iPad) rather than a clip-on. I can see myself trying to push to hard and damaging the screen.

  2. Sounds like a Kickstarter. Or design it and propose it to B&N to carry and get a royalty (I have been watching too much Shark Tank — never would have said “royalty” before that!).

  3. I’m with you. I hate adding the bulk of a cover or case to my electronics. My wife and I use this speck case for our nooks:

    It’s the slimmest one I could find. I hardly notice the added bulk, especially when compared to some of the other options.

  4. A built in, pull down shade would be fun. It could do double duty as a solar panel.

  5. I agree with you Nathan.
    That’s why I bought one of these custom sleeves for my Kindle and more recently my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7:

    They’re well made and protect against light damage when I’m out and about and especially I don’t need to worry about the screen.

  6. Would love a clip-on cover for my NSTGlow. No magnetic cover please, as my iPad cover keeps detaching itself. Great idea, Nathan!

  7. I suppose this is hopelessly declasse, but I use a quart-sized zip-lock bag for my Nook Touch.

  8. I agree, Nathan. The B&N Nook Touch covers are nice and I use one, but usually unclip it from the cover if I’m going to read for awhile just because it’s more of a delight to use plain. I’ve looked at neoprene slip covers but they just don’t feel right.

  9. I’m 100% with you Nathan. I’ve read from different sources that a clip-on front cover only is available for the Nook classic (e.g. ) but have not seen one for the Nook Touch. I sure would like one that would take advantage for the existing nice back feel the Touch has instead of covering it.

    I currently have the Industriell Easel cover which is quite light actually and the cause of its failing because the back is not as sturdy as it should be (like in the nude or and with an M-Edge cover for instance). The reason I want a strong back is that in any one-hand operations only, the side buttons are more responsive with a sturdy back.

  10. I want the same thing and I’ve accomplished something.

    I used it to cover the screen.

    It is rare and It is imperfect. but it works


    • Nice find, Jamie! I’m going to order one and see how well it works as a front cover instead of a back cover. I checked at Amazon and they have them too, even in different colors and designs.

  11. Couldn’t agree more since I love the feel of the “naked” Nook Touch in my hand when reading, but also want some way to protect the screen. Please let us know if you (or anyone else) comes up with a Tupperware lid type cover that will attach to my NT since I’ll be first on the list to order one!

  12. I would use something like that. When I first bought my nook, I didn’t like any of the options available to me and ended up using a neoprene Samasung Galaxy case(it was a little snug at first, but it has stretched nicely). It keeps my device clean and free from scratches, but I wouldn’t mind something with a little hardness to it.

  13. I tried the ziplock bag approach for reading in the rain while making a grocery run (or rather “walk”). The problem with the ziplock is that wind and air pressure changes cause the bag to “suck in” on the nook and “press” the screen since touches are registered by objects breaking a light beam. I wish you could turn off the touchscreen (temporarily).

  14. You can see photos of the cover nook EMPIRE.. Not perfect but, what can we do?

  15. Here’s what I use. A little spendy but works great.

  16. Thanks to Jaime’s great photos of the Empire snap on cover, I just ordered one from that ebay site since it looks a lot like what I’ve been looking for!

  17. Don’t know much about it to tell the truth, but maybe find someone with a 3D printer and if the plastic is flexible enough, upload the file to Shapeways etc.

  18. I would LOVE to own one of those lids!

  19. I love the idea but the reality isn’t THAT far off, it could be possible for someone to do this using vacu-formed plastic, it would be relatively thick for vacu-forming but still within the realm of possability for the technology, just make a “mold” in the shape of the nook with the proper reliefs to make the cover “snap” and form away! or carbon fiber, I’ve worked with composites before and will be buying an NST soon. If there’s enough interest and people are willing to commit to ordering one I’d be willing to experiment with this.

    my first attempt would most likely be with carbon fiber because that’s the material I’m most familiar with.

  20. I would certainly order one. I have a Pocketbook 360 and use it to travel because of the cover. I leave my Nook Glow at home because it doesn’t have one. Count me in as a buyer.

    BTW, I’m sure if you made and listed it online it would sell like hotcakes.

  21. The old Handpsring had a style of cover that I wish BN would make available for the NST/NSTG.

    I actually found a linkedin contact for the folks who did the design on the NST and wrote them to suggest it.

    For those who don’t remember, it that was a case that could snap on across either the front (when you weren’t using it) or the back (when you were using it) of the Handspring Visor. It had ‘teeth’ that fit the openings on the top and bottom of the Visor exterior.

    The four exterior holes on the bezel of the NST/NSTG always seemed like they’d perfect for one of those cases; I made a nice corduroy flip cover for my NST and fastened it with velcro, but the empire cover looks like the most promising commercial case I’ve seen, and I’m going to order a few.

    thanks so much for the pointer!

  22. Ive found that the fitfolio by speck is the best way to go. It has the snap on molded back cover but with an attached front cover that folds back while reading. It barely adds any bulk. Comes in black, dark purple, or a peacock blue. All other covers are too bulky and I’d rather have the protection while reading compared to a sleeve. It’s even sleeker then most of the sleeves I’ve tried