Review: Idolian TouchTab 10 with Android 4.0

Idolian Touchtab 10 Review

Last month I posted about two of the least expensive 10-inch Android 4.0 tablets on the market, the Idolian TouchTab 10 and Zenithink C91 (they are the same unit).

The folks at Idolian were nice enough to lend me a TouchTab 10 with Android 4.0 to review. I’ve been testing it out for a couple weeks now and just got finished with the written review and a video walkthrough showing the tablet in action.

So here’s the link for the full Idolian TouchTab 10 review. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below.

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8 Responses to “Review: Idolian TouchTab 10 with Android 4.0”

  1. Nathan, looks like an impressive tablet for this price tag. So many ports! Are there any high-end tablets that have USB ports like this?

    • There are a couple from last year but I don’t think I’ve seen any this year. They are all trying to be as thin as the iPad and full size ports are quite large. Plus the higher-end tablets have Bluetooth for connecting peripherals. The Transformer has a couple full size USB ports on the dock.

  2. I went ahead and purchased one of these. I will be anxious to see if it works/lasts longer than a few months. There are too few Amazon reviews for me to tell what the quality will be, but I really want an Andriod 4.0 tablet and this looks like a great deal. The seller is Amazon-backed, so I should be okay if I need to make a return. Thanks for posting this review.

  3. Hahaha, yes I really love the iPad (and my iPhone, and my Macbook Pro), but I have always wanted to try out the Android OS. Now this super cheap 10.1″ tablet has given me an excuse to do so! I also became fascinated by the number of ports this thing has (including an ethernet adapter!?!), so I had to check this out. It is better than spending $399-$500 on a high-end Android tablet just to see if I like ICS, something I really couldn’t justify.

    I should also mention that I love eReaders and tablets, so it is not uncommon for me to have four eReaders and a couple tablets laying around. Your blog only feeds my addiction. I buy devices, play with them for a few months, then sell them on eBay, but recently I have been trying to commit to a dedicated eReader and tablet. I with definitely stick with the iPad, and I hope to get the Onyx Boox i62 HD when it comes to the US, but I have been dying to see what the Andriod experience is like. I have been trapped in the Apple universe for too long.

    As always, thanks for your great posts and reviews.

  4. A friend and myself were looking at this tablet to purchase but my biggest fear is how long would it perfrom at it optimum. It would suck buying this product and a couple months it’s giving trouble. What do you think? I looked at your reviews and would surely value your opinion. Should I buy this or save my money for another? Also what do you think about the Le Pan Tablet?

    • That’s a good question but I couldn’t give you an answer because I only had the TouchTab 10 for a few weeks. It should last a couple of years at least, but it’s hard to tell with these kind of things. I’ve never tried any of the Le Pan tablets yet.

      • Thanks for responding. I am looking forward to getting this item. Another question tho, I basically wanna use it for music, vids and games. Should I get the 8″ seeing that you said more games are compatible. I am really depending on you review before I make my decision.