Review: Google Nexus 7 Tablet

Google Nexus 7 Tablet

There’s already like a million Google Nexus 7 reviews on the net, but that doesn’t faze me one bit. I’m still going to add my own review of the Nexus 7 to the heap.

Besides, a good share of those reviews were posted after just a day or two of using the device, whereas I’ve been using the Nexus 7 extensively every day since it was first released. Plus I tried to cover some different angles in my review. So here it is…

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  1. “There’s already like a million Google Nexus 7 reviews on the net” — but Nathan’s will be the best one! None of the so-called bigger sites review devices with the depth and quality of

    @Nathan your review is right on par with the experience I have been having. Android 4.1 makes for a smooth-running and consistent machine. The only issues I have had so far have been the occasional screen flicker (an almost unnoticeable glitch/flashing of the display which has happened maybe three times since unboxing) and one brief moment of lag during a 3D game (Temple Run). Other than that, performance has been amazing.

    I will note that while the 1280 x 800 IPS display looks fantastic and is great for eReading, it doesn’t quite match the crisp clarity of the iPad 3’s retina display. You can still see a very slight amount of pixelization when looking closely at small fonts. Also, as a Mac user, I have only been able to see the folders that my Android Files Manager program allows me to see. There are currently no instructions on how to get the Nexus 7 recognized on a Mac to do things beyond adding media files. I can’t access the fonts folder to add more fonts.

    • Do you get the screen flickering with brightness turned down? A good test is scrolling Google Maps or the web browser with minimum brightness. Mine has a lot of screen flicker going on.

  2. Finally!

    I’ve been waiting for your review and Lisa’s on mobiletechreview forever.

    Nice job on the review.

  3. @Nathan the official Nexus 7 case just became available for sale today, but again, they are throwing in a massive shipping charge. The cost of the case is $19.99, plus $9.99 shipping & handling. It would cost $4 or less to ship this USPS First Class.

    • Wow. What is their deal with the shipping charges? I read some reviews over at XDA for the cover and it didn’t sound like it is very good for $20 much less $30. Might be better off getting some third party cover. I never like the ones that cover the front of the tablet, though, and most of those seem too.

      I kind of like holding the Nexus 7 naked so I bought this slip sleeve for under $10, but then I decided to cancel because I wanted one of those keyboard covers I reviewed earlier even though they are kind of too bulky, but they are only like $10. I still need to find something to get with it to get free shipping, though.

      In the meantime I’ve been using an old generic cover I had lying around for the Kindle 3 that fits pretty well.

      • Hey, I just bought that sleeve yesterday! After browsing the available options on Amazon, it seemed to be the best option. I agree, the Nexus 7 has the best back of any tablet I have used. No fingerprints like the Kindle Fire, and no slippery brushed metal. I just wanted a case to transport it in, and as long as the sleeve doesn’t REEK of neoprene, it should be good.

  4. Phase changes won’t faze you!

    • I thought something looked off with that sentence but I just couldn’t place it :). Damn misleading spellchecker sometimes….

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  6. Looking forward to your review. The nexus 7 cases are out but the good ones are really expensive.